BaByliss Twist Secret TW1000E Review

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Hello IMBBians,

We have so many hairstyle products available that makes our life easier. Few months ago, I came across Twist secret and wanted to try it for a very long time but the product was out of my budget. The IMBB sponsored scheme and the discount came at the right time and I picked up the product. So, read on to know more about BaByliss Twist Secret TW1000E.

Babyliss Twist Secret TW1000E Review

What the company claims:
With this creative tool you create effortlessly and in no time several trendy looks! Elegant or rather casual? A natural casual look into a sophisticated, exclusive look for that special night out. Success is guaranteed with the Twist Secret that effortlessly creates the most original results!

Product features:
• Creates effortlessly perfect Twists in the hair
• Fast different looks
• Numerous styling options
• Easy to use
• Ergonomic design
• Light weight
• Battery

Price: Original price- €44.99, I picked it up on a discount for €20

My Experience with BaByliss Twist Secret TW1000E:

Babyliss Twist Secret TW1000E Review

I came across this product during one of the hairstyle videos. I found that the product was available and always wanted my hand on it. How easy it would be, to create amazing twist hairstyles and you don’t have to have to spend a lot of time and it is hand pain free. This thought was so stuck in my brain, when I picked this product, I was so eager to try it very soon.

Babyliss Twist Secret TW1000E Review

The Twist Secret comes in cardboard box. The box has the twister and leaflet with instructions. The next model TW1100 E has several bands, clips etc. where in you can further style your hair. The twister has a pretty simple design with basic function to twist. The twister is battery operated.

Babyliss Twist Secret TW1000E Review

It requires 2 AA batteries and thus it is handy to carry during travel. There is a screw, you need to loosen or tighten to place the batteries. The twister is black in colour and has red highlights. The handle is easy to hold and not very big. The slide-switch in the handle is to create twists. I rotate the tweezers and it will rotate the head.

Babyliss Twist Secret TW1000E Review

The twister is all about its head. The head rotates to create twists in your hair. The head has 2 push buttons, that are present on the bottom of the head. Pushing them upwards opens the tweezers and you need to place the strands of hair into it and then releasing the button, locks the hair strands.

Babyliss Twist Secret TW1000E Review

Switching on the I mode, twists the hair. So, the two hair strands are twisted and creates two twists. Then switching on II mode, twists these two stands together.

Babyliss Twist Secret TW1000E Review

Using the device is quite easy, you take two hair strands, lock them twist. As easy as it sounds, it is not so easy to apply it in real life. The twister needs a lot of practise. I have layered hair and not so smooth hair and when I twist, it makes a messy twist! It looks like I haven’t brushed my hair.

Babyliss Twist Secret TW1000E Review

With weeks of practise, I have learnt how to twist my hair but for now, I am still learning to incorporate these styles into good hairstyle. The product works best if you have straight smooth hair. But if you have curly hair or if you have frizzy hair, you may not get the desired results like seen in the photos. So, you need to use a nice hair product to smoothen out your hair and then use it to get the best results.

Babyliss Twist Secret TW1000E Review

Overall, the product is a good one to invest especially if you have straight hair and if you want to create easy twists. So summing up:

Pros of BaByliss Twist Secret TW1000E:

• Easy to create twists and hairstyles.
• Easy to use.
• Convenient design and handle.
• Travel friendly due to light weight.
• Battery operated and thus easier.
• Faster twists.
• Best suited for straight/smooth hair.

Cons of BaByliss Twist Secret TW1000E:

• Needs a lot of practise.
• Might not be suitable for frizzy or curly hair.
• Need to smoothen out your hair before using the product.
• Pricey.

IMBB Rating: 3/5
Would I Recommend BaByliss Twist Secret TW1000E?
Yes! But I always recommend trying before purchasing. If its creating very messy look, you can give a skip.

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