Backstage Makeup Pictures of Bollywood Stars

Most of us would like to know what products are Bollywood stars use, but they seldom disclose, because most of them endorse cosmetic brands for which they are paid for 🙁 That light pink lipstick which Kareena Kapoor uses still remains a mystery.  However, this post is not about makeup products that are stars use, its just a collection of pictures where the bollywood divas have been clicked doing their makeup or getting their makeup done.  Let’s check these out:

1.  Kareena Kapoor:  Here she is doing her eye makeup with rollers in her hair.


Kareena Kapoor doing makeup

2.  Alia Bhatt:  The young actress seems to be posing for a photoshoot.  She has a MAC lipstick in hand, can you guess which shade?

Alia Bhatt MAC Lipstick

3.  Sonakshi Sinha:  Clicked in her green room donning the greasepaint, it seems like a lot of makeup in the vanity before her 😛

Sonakshi Sinha Makeup

4.  Karisma Kapoor:  Getting her hair done and she herself is prepping up her lips 🙂

Karisma Kapoor Makeup

5.  Priyanka Chopra:  Clicked during the shoot of her album “Exotic,” there seems to be a lot of people working on her looks.

Priyanka Chopra Exotic

Priyanka Chopra Makeup

6.  Sonam Kapoor:  It looks like she is getting ready for some event, that’s probably the L’Oreal BB Cream in her makeup artist’s hand.

Sonam Kapoor Makeup

7.  Shilpa Shetty:  She’s touching up her makeup during RR’s match.  The other picture taken during one of her photo shoots where Mickey Contractor was doing her makeup for the Tarun Tahiliani show.

Shilpa Shetty Makeup

Shilpa Shetty Tarun Tahiliani Show

8.  Nargis Fakhri:  Looks like Nargis is trying out a hot red lipstick, can you guess which one?

Nargis Fakhri Lipstick

9. Deepika Padukone:  She is getting her makeup done from reputed makeup artist, Ambika Pillai.


10.  Sushmita Sen:  Mickey Contractor doing her makeup, probably for her film shoot.

Sushmita Sen doing makeup

11.  Priyamani:  The “Chennai Express” item song star has a lot up on her makeup table.  I can Himalaya, Garnier cream, and Lakme nail paints from the lot.

Priyamani makeup

12.  Rani Mukherjee:  From her “Aiyaa” movie sets, she is getting her lip makeup done.

Rani Mukherjee Makeup

13.  Kajol:  Seems like a very old pic, can’t stop smiling at her “enthu” while applying makeup.

Kajol makeup

Another pic of hers, where Mickey Contractor is doing her makeup.

Kajol doing makeup

14.  Aishwarya Rai:  She is touching up her lip gloss, guessing it might be L’Oreal.  Another one from the sets of Endhiran.  One more, where she is getting her eye makeup done.  Hey, don’t miss out the last one, see how tiny the lip pencil is……:P

Aishwarya Rai lipstick

Aishwarya Rai makeup

Aishwarya rai applying lipstick

15.  Lara Dutta:  She is getting her foundation on in this pic.

Lara Dutta Makeup

16.  Vidya Balan:  Getting her lips done 🙂

Vidya Balan makeup

17.  Katrina Kaif:  Ditto for Katrina, she is touching up her gloss.

Katrina Kaif Makeup

18.  Shruti Hassan:  During one of her photo shoots, that’s MAC’s compact in hand.


19.  Madhuri Dixit:  Getting her makeup touched up on the sets of Jhalak Dikhla Jaa.

Madhuri Dixit makeup

Hope you liked this post of mine 🙂

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    priyamani wala pic looks old she has elle 18 and lakme nail colors too 😛 😛

  2. I loved this post as usual *woot* amazing one *clap* *clap* alia looks the cutest *pompom* and lara dutta’s skin looks out of the world *pompom* and lol guys stop wasting time on madhuri’s make-up …she is not interested… let her look the way she is *hihi* *hihi*

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  4. I love Kareena `s and Sonakshi`s makeup finishes the most – I love it when celebs do their own makeup or atleast are seen doing so 😛 Kajol is being realy weird , Sonam looks like she`s meditating , Nargis looks like she`ll devour the lipstick , Priyanka`s foundation`s too matte – I dont like her new nose. 😛 But she was very cute in barfi. Such a fun post *happy dance*

  5. looovvved the post jomo. It was so much fun going through this one and Kajol looks soo cute 😀 You know this post shows how much women love doing makeup… celebs may have a whole team around them but you know these pics show that they love doing their touchups on their own as well!! 😀 😀

  6. Loved the ones with Aishwarya Rai!! She’s so beautiful!!
    And it’s so refreshing to see some of them do their own makeup..makes them feel more human! rofl 😛

  7. This is a superb compilation Jomol. I loved watching all pics. But that shorty lip pencil in Aishwarys’s pic *woot* Seems like a pretty good one and going to finish soon 😉

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