9 Bad Skin Habits That you Need to Fix Immediately

Certain habits that we unknowingly follow on a daily basis can ruin and damage our skin and before we realize, the facial skin would already be damaged! So before things take a turn for the worse, here are 9 Bad Skin Habits that you need to fix immediately.

Bad skin habits

1. Not using oil on face

If you have oily skin, and you hear about oil on face, your face scrunches involuntarily. We start to think that it will make the skin oilier, which is not true. Excessive cleansing produces excessive oil which makes it appear shiny. Facial oils have proved to be a much healthier approach. They moisturise your skin and also help pigmented skin. I have been using castor oil on my face from a long time now. My eyelashes were barely visible and now they are naturally curled. Also, castor oil has reduced my dark circles (a dream come true)! Essential oils such as germanium and carrot have proved to be very healthy for skin.

2. Too much of dairy products

Dairy causes skin inflammation. It can cause acne and can accelerate aging. Also, be careful with the kind of protein you are consuming. Protein takes longest amount of time to get digested. This requires a lot of energy which can otherwise be used for hair thickening, clearing of dark circles and repairing collagen.

3. Smoking

Smoking slows down the rate at which your skin repairs itself. It darkens your lips, it causes wrinkling around your lips and eyes. It reduces the oxygen capacity of the capillaries. Next time when you light a cigarette, think of these factors.

4. Not airing of makeup brushes

After washing your makeup brushes, don’t store them away. Dry them completely and stash them away. I’m new to face makeup so I don’t have face brushes yet. But I do use lip and eye brushes. I’m not a frequent user, only during parties and outings so I wash them once every few months. But, I need to start washing them frequently (don’t need some kind of infection or rash).

5. Using harsh facial scrubs

Facial scrubs, especially ones containing hard nuts can be terrifying to the skin. It can cause tiny, microscopic tears which may further cause irritation. Try using mild scrubs and hydrate your skin with a moisturizer after.

6. Giving up on products too soon

Skin renewal takes time, so if you’re trying a new skin care regime, give it some time. Give it at least 4-6 weeks. It is disappointing to invest so much time and money on products which do not work on you. It is best of you see a dermatologist or a pro who can help pick you products. It may be expensive but at least you will get results.

7. Not washing your face or too much of it

Cleansing your face is important. Never go to bed with makeup. If you get tired and lazy by the end of the day, keep cleansing wipes next to your bed. Make sure to wash your face after removing your makeup because makeup is made to adhere to the skin and light cleansing may not remove it completely. It may start building up on your skin and may make it appear lifeless and dull.

8. No SPF

Ladies, ladies, ladies! Start putting some SPF on your skin. Nowadays, there is SPF in everything. You buy a moisturizer, there’s SPF. You buy a primer, there’s SPF. Then, what’s the excuse! These formulas are so light and non-greasy. They make your skin appear great whereas sun will not only make your skin darker but also make it blotchy! Start your day with a sunscreen.

9. Stop Applying Toothpaste on your Face!

Don’t put toothpaste on zits and pimples, it may seem a quick fix, but the damage that the extremely-drying ingredients in the toothpaste can do to your sensitive facial skin is unbelievable.

Start taking care of your skin and your body. It’s pretty simple. All those things you’ve been hearing from so long, start doing them. The change will be massive and it will be so healthy!

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