Bags Named After Celebrities

Bags Named After Celebrities

I love bags. We all do. Totes, clutches, hobos, satchels, slings- whatever kind they be- they make my heart flutter and each time I sneak a peek like a lovelorn teenager every time I walk through those hallowed aisles smelling of leather and first love, ( Okay! Okay! Not exactly first love but it does seem like it.)

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My heart gives away a sigh redolent of the fragrant blossoms swinging away merrily in the silver of full moon; of ancient, dog-eared library books, nibbled by moths around the corners; of the glorious golden of the sun urgently tearing away water laden clouds; in short of green love. I wonder if Cupid resides in bag stores. No, I think I’ll rephrase that. I am pretty sure Cupid lives there, waiting for unsuspecting people to wander about and secretly aiming and shooting his darts making them fall heads over heels in love. Ha! This is the best conspiracy theory I’ve come up with. 😀 This exactly answers why women; intelligent, rational women, all over the world spend ridiculously insane amounts on these little (or big, as the case may be) photons of happiness.

The ones I am about to describe are the most iconic ones of this century if not the history of mankind, named after well known women, powerful, beautiful and incredibly fashion forward. Hope you like the list. Do let me know if I missed any.

Gucci Jackie Bag:

Gucci Jackie Bag

Originally called “Constance”, this bag was renamed after Jacqueline Kennedy after she was spotted many a times carrying this little piece of heaven in leather. This bag was first created in the fifties, only to be popularized by Jackie O, that first incredibly fashionable First Lady of America.

Gucci Bardot Bag:

Gucci Bardot Bag

Named after French actress and now animal rights activist, Brigette Bardot, it was designed as a tribute to its namesake, who also served as an inspiration in the creative process.

Lancel Brigette Bardot Bag:

Lancel Brigette Bardot Bag

Lancel launched the Brigette Bardot “BB” bag in 2010. The bag, again, inspired by the gorgeous French actress Brigette Bardot, is made of tweed and fake suede because she was against the use of fur and leather.

Hermes Kelly:

Hermes Kelly

Renamed after one of my favourite screen divas, Grace Kelly, the Hermes Kelly was first launched in the 1930s under the name “Le sac â dépèches”. Later when it was used efficiently by Grace Kelly to hide her baby bump in the 1960s, it was renamed “Le Kelly” as it was only after her being photographed with this bag that the demand for it grew astronomically.

Hermes Birkin:

Hermes Birkin

In 1981, singer-actress Jane Birkin was travelling in a plane right next to Hermes chief executive, Jean-Louis Dumas. As fate would have it, she dropped the entire contents of her bag and complained to her neighbor of the lack of good bags for travel. Dumas took the cue and designed a brand new bag for her. And this is how the most sought after bag in the history came into existence. Me likes.

Lady Dior:

Lady Dior

Erstwhile French First Lady, Bernadette Chirac had gifted a new model of the Dior bag to Lady Diana in 1995. Dior immediately named it after her. She loved it so much that she has been photographed carrying it a number of times. The world noticed her fondness for this bag and Dior was well founded in its decision to name the bag honoring her.

Mulberry Alexa:

Mulberry Alexa

This satchel was named after model and TV presenter Alexa Chung. With its launch in 2010 the poster girl had her very own “it” bag. She has been spotted with numerous incarnations of the bag ever since. Leighton Meester and Sarah Jessica Parker have been known to carry this bag onscreen.

Mulberry Del Rey:

Mulberry Del Rey

Emma Hill, the creative director of Mulberry, on meeting Lana Del Ray immediately fell in love with the retro style of the singer-songwriter. She designed a bag to go with Del Rey unique 60s inspired look and named it after her source of inspiration.

Marc Jaobs Stam:

Marc Jaobs Stam

Named after Canadian supermodel Jessica Stam, Marc Jacobs created this quilted leather bag with gold chain adornments in 2006. It has a vintage-y feel to it. Me likes.

Sofia Loren Bag by Ferragamo:

4artsymphony_famous bags

Salvatore Ferragamo designed this bag with the iconic Sofia Loren in mind. I haven’t watched much of her movies but she was super hot. And this bag was a fit tribute the sultry, elegant Italian born.

Luella’s Gisele Bag:

Luella’s Gisele Bag

Luella Bartley designed this bag in 2002 with Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen and named it after her. In fact Gisele was asked to carry this bag in the runway. Since then this bag gained popularity and has been spotted with celebrities like Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Aniston.

Tod’s D Bag:

Tod’s D Bag

This bag was definitely among Diana’s favourites. She had been spotted numerous times with this arm candy. The most iconic image that I recall of her with this bag is of her Pakistan tour. Dressed in a bluish salwar kamiz, Lady Di carried this bag with aplomb. Tod’s named this bag after her posthumously.

Modalu Pippa:

Modalu Pippa

Pippa Middleton has been spotted carrying this bag many times. In order to market it better Modalu decided to rename this bag “Pippa Bag”. Earlier it was known as the “Bristol Bag”. As was expected the bag became a rage among the fashionable.

Bally’s Greta Carbo Bag:

Bally’s Greta Carbo Bag

Bally, in 2007 launched a limited edition of a bag inspired and named after Greta Carbo, the Swedish born silent movie actress of Hollywood.

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  3. Suuupperr interesting post sushmita. I had so much fun reading it. Hermes kelly and alexa are totally on my list. But it must be such an honour for both the companies and celebs to have a that one special bag that would always be a part of their history/ life. :))

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