Bags, Shoes, Jackets IMBB Sale

Hi Everyone,

This sale was totally unplanned. I randomly decided to put up some items that are in perfect condition for sale. Most of the blazers shown below do not fit me anymore. And some new bags and shoes and shoes have taken place for the old ones. I have dearly loved using all these products and I hope you enjoy using them too. 🙂 Thank you in advance to all my buyers. 🙂

Sale Rules :

1. Everything is in perfect condition. If there is some problem with anything I have mentioned it along with the product. The blazers (except the ones that are brand new) are dry cleaned and in perfect condition.

2. Please make the payments within 24 hours (Wednesday (16th July) 11 am). I’d be sending out the couriers on Monday.

3. There would be no returns or exchange.

4. Prices of each product is given along with the product itself. Shipping is free for anywhere in India.

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5. You can get in touch regarding the products at mirrorobsession[at]gmail[dot]com. Just put the subject ‘Rati sale’. I’d try to get back to you as soon as possible.

6. The bank details for the payment as as follows :

Bank Name: Standard Chartered Bank
Account Name: LA Edukreation Pvt Ltd
Account Number: 52105066113
Branch: Greater Kailash 1, New Delhi
Type: Current Account
IFSC Code: SCBL0036033

7. Open only for Indian residents.

8. The sale is on first come first serve basis. But you can keep bidding in the comments below. If the first bidder does not confirm the payment within 24 hours, I’d contact the 2nd bidder and so on.

Happy Shopping! 🙂

Item No : 1
Brand : Zara
Number of Times Worn : Brand New. Never Worn
Size : Medium (M)
Price : Rs 2499/-


Item No : 2 Faux Leather Jacket SOLD
Brand : Promod
Number of Times Worn : 5-6 times
Size : Large
Price : Rs 2,499

D84A5051 D84A5052

Item No 3 : Black Suede Pumps SOLD
Brand : Zara
Size : 40
Number of Times Used : Many. Used to use them a lot.
Price : Rs 2,199

D84A5124 D84A5128 D84A5126

Item No : 4 Neutral Military linen jacket SOLD
Brand : Promod
Size : Large
Number of Times Worn : Never worn / Brand New
Price : Rs 2,499

D84A5057 D84A5058

Item No : 5 Black short jacket with studs SOLD
Brand : Mango
Size : Medium (M)
Number of Times Worn : Once
Price : Rs 2,499

D84A5059 D84A5060


Item No : 7 white denim west. Can be seen in action HERE SOLD
Brand : Zara
Size : Medium (M)
Number of Times Worn : Never Worn. Brand New. But it has developed a little spot just at the bottom. It can be removed with dryclean.
Price : Rs 2499

D84A5063 D84A5064 D84A5065

Item No : 8. Faux Leather and Lace short jacket, Can be seen in action HERE SOLD
Brand : Promod
Size : Medium
Number of Times Worn 2-3 times
Price : Rs 2,499 approx

D84A5066 D84A5067

Item No : 9 Faux Fur and Suede Gilet See it in action HERE SOLD
Brand : Promod
Size : Large
Number of Times Worn : Never Worn. Brand New
Price : Rs 2,499

D84A5068 D84A5069

Item No : 10 Glitter Pumps 
Brand : Steve Madden
Size : 39
Number of Times Worn : Never Worn/ Brand New
Price : Rs 2499

D84A5070 D84A5071 D84A5072

Item No : 11 Orangey Red Heels . Can see the black version of the same heels in action HERE
Brand : Zara
Size : 40
Number of Times Worn – 2-3 times
Price : Rs 2,499

D84A5075 D84A5076 D84A5077

Item No : 12 N*de  Sandals. Seen in action HERE
Brand : Zara
Size : 40
Number of Times Worn : 2-3
Price : Rs 2,499

D84A5078 D84A5079 D84A5081

Item No : 13 Orange Heels
Brand : Zara
Size : 40
Number of Times Worn : Brand New/ Never Worn
Price : Rs 2,499

D84A5082 D84A5083 D84A5084

Item No : 14 Multi Coloured Sandals.
Brand : Catwalk
Size : 40
Number of Times Worn : 2-3 times
Price : Rs 2,499


Item No : 15 Multi Coloured Tribal bag. Has a bright pink lining and a small pocket on side for phone.
Brand : Accessorize
Number of Times Used : Brand New
Price : Rs 2,499

D84A5087 D84A5088 D84A5090

Item No : 16 Black Leather Bag. Does not have any inner pockets. Can be seen in action HERE
Brand : Nappa Dori
Number of Times Used : 2-3 times
Price : Rs 4,999 Original Price (Rs 8,500)

D84A5091 D84A5092 D84A5095

Item No : Red oversized clutch with purple lining. Comes with a detachable sling. Can be seen in action HERE 
Brand : Charles and Keith
Number of Times Worn : 2 times
Price : Rs 2,499

D84A5096 D84A5097 D84A5098

Item No : Red bag . Has loads of pockets both zipped and non zipped. Has a magnetic button closure. Can be used both as a sling and anon sling bag.The sling is detachable. Seen in action HERE and HERE SOLD
Brand : Michael Kors (the hardware is silver)
Number of Times Used : A couple of times
Price : Rs 10,999 (bought it for Rs 18,000 approx)

D84A5099 D84A5100 D84A5101


58 thoughts on “Bags, Shoes, Jackets IMBB Sale

      1. Hey rati chechi! Will transfer the amount as soon as i reach home for lunch. I was telling my husband 2 days back how i wanted to get a new leather jacket n be a biker chick 😛 and look wat i got no yippppeeee *woot*

  1. Hi Rati,
    Congrats for your sale. Aren’t u coming up with your floral jacket? I was waiting for it. One more question. Is the price negotiable or is it fixed.

  2. *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* *woot* *woot* *woot* jhakas
    i would have bought all the heels but im tall enough to not wear them *ghost*
    the heels are AMAZING ! Im liking all the jackets too *woot*

      1. Thank you!!! *puchhi* I have added u as a benficiary will transfer tomorrow same time, and email you my details..
        Love and Hugs!

  3. I really like the black jacket no.5 and the white denim jacket no 7. Please keep it for me. If no one takes it. I will transfer the money right away

  4. Hi rati
    Ive been trying to bid for the mk bag since last night.although i know its late
    But somehow my comments are not being added are awaiting moderation iwonder why?
    This is my third attempt.

  5. *cry* that is suchhhh a misss!!!!please tell in advance if u plan to do away
    Any more of ur bags!!!im in queue….always wait for ur bags sale as i
    Loveeeee ur choice of bags!!!

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