Balea Foot and Leg Ice Gel Review

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Recently, I did a small haul from Balea. After reading many positive reviews on IMBB, I bought many products that were already reviewed and several new ones, too. Today’s review is all about a product that I’ve been using a lot in the recent times. Read on to know more about Balea Foot and Leg Ice Gel.

Balea Foot and Leg Ice Gel Review Main

Price: $1.50 for 100ml
Product Description:
The Ice Gel gives your strained feet a long-lasting feeling of well-being. With the fresh active formula of mint oil, menthol and camphor your feet are cooled and refreshed. Allantoin and extract from the witch hazel provide moisture and soothe your feet.
– For stressed feet.
– With menthol and mint oil.
– Vegan.
– Dermatologically tested


Balea Foot and Leg Ice Gel Ingredients

My Experience with Balea Foot and Leg Ice Gel:

Balea Foot and Leg Ice Gel Flip Cap

Balea Foot and Leg Ice Gel comes in a tube packaging. The product is not sealed. The product-related information is printed at the back of the tube. The blue flip cap closes tightly with a click, and thus it makes the product travel-friendly. The shelf life of the product is around 2 years.

The ice gel is transparent blue in colour and has a very runny texture. The consistency is gel-like, but when applied to the feet, it melts like butter. The presence of menthol provides a refreshing feeling, and the gel smells like a peppermint toothpaste.

On application, I expected that the ice gel would give a cooling sensation, but unfortunately, it adds a peppermint freshness for a few seconds and disappears. I hardly felt any cooling sensation on my feet. The gel gets absorbed pretty quickly and no residue is left behind. The fresh fragrance of the menthol lingers for a long time. The product instantly adds freshness to the feet and keeps them relaxed.

Balea Foot and Leg Ice Gel Back

It provides effective results after a long walk or day, and on application, it instantly relaxes my tired feet. The gel has to be massaged onto the legs for extra effectiveness, and over the time, it also makes the feet soft and smooth. The product is also targeted for people suffering from varicose veins. The ice gel is very easy to apply and can be used on the go, too. I took it with me to Disneyland to fix my tired feet, and I was super happy with the results. My feet felt relaxed almost instantly, and a little massage did some great wonders as well.

The product is not a pain relieving balm, however, it does relax the feet and adds a dose of freshness, but if you have severe leg pain, this is not the product for you. This gel is just a tired foot reliever and doesn’t do any miracles to cure sore feet! Due to the presence of mint, it is a perfect deodorizer for smelly feet. Also, due to the cold weather, I always wear shoes because of which my feet tend to stink, and thus applying this gel before putting on my shoes has eliminated the problem.

Balea Foot and Leg Ice Gel Swatch

The product is a perfect addition to a pedicure. Even though it is not a must-buy, the product is super affordable, and if you are a person who is always on the toes, this could be a good choice for instant relaxation. The product doesn’t contain parabens and is vegan. So summing up:

Pros of Balea Foot and Leg Ice Gel:

  • Soothes tired feet.
  • Gently relaxes the muscles.
  • Adds a dose of freshness to the feet.
  • A good tired foot reliever.
  • Eliminates stink.
  • Absorbs quickly.
  • Affordable.
  • Vegan and doesn’t contain parabens.
  • Targeted for people who suffer from varicose veins.
  • Travel-friendly.

Cons of Balea Foot and Leg Ice Gel:

  • No icy-cooling sensation like claimed.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
Will I Recommend Balea Foot and Leg Ice Gel?
If you are a busy woman, this could be a handy choice.
Will I Repurchase Balea Foot and Leg Ice Gel again?
Yes! It is affordable, and I don’t mind repurchasing it again!

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