Balea Foot Protection High Heels Gel Pads Review

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Today’s review is about Balea Foot Protection High Heels Gel Pads. We all love wearing heels. It brings in that extra confidence instantly. It also makes your outfit dressier. I love wearing heels on a daily basis, but it may hurt your heels. I have used gel cushions for heels by Scholl and totally love them. Let’s find out if this pair by Balea is as good too.

Balea Foot Protection High Heels Gel Pads Review

Price: €4 for 1 pair
Product Description:
⦁ Balea Foot Protection High Heels Gel Pads (Reusable) 1 Pair (Balea Schuh Pads)
⦁ The transparent, ultra-thin gel pads for your comfort.
⦁ The shoe pads are vegan.
⦁ With these Hight Heel Gel Pads, you can walk in comfort all night long! Each heel cushion is made from a discreet, ultra-thin clear gel, which attaches to the inside of your shoe.
⦁ Just peel off the adhesive strip and place the sticky side in the forefoot area. Put on your shoes, take a step and voila – instant relief for your tired feet!
⦁ Reusable (wash off with water).
⦁ Produced in Germany
Ingredients: Silicone

Balea Foot Protection High Heels Gel Pads Claims

My Experience with Balea Foot Protection High Heels Gel Pads:

The packaging is handy and comes in an envelope cardboard. You can easily carry it in a handbag or even a clutch. The gel cushions are transparent in color, i.e. invisible. The material used is very soft and flexible. If compared to Scholl, I find the Scholl ones to be very soft and love how they feel. These pads look like a thick sticker. The cover can be peeled off from the back side of the pad and can be stuck on the problem area of the shoe, slipper or sandals. This specific product is aimed for balls of the feet.

Balea Foot Protection High Heels Gel Pads Packaging

The adhesive on the cushion is of very high quality. The pads stay put till you peel them off. It’s very easy to peel these pads off and the footwear is never damaged or sticky. These pads also provide a good friction since the surface is not smooth but textured. This property prevents the feet from slipping off. The gel pads are so comfortable and the balls of my feet don’t burn anymore. The gel cushions provide stability when the feet is little sweaty too. The gel pads also provide good friction and prevent the blisters.

Balea Foot Protection Gel Pads

I always get blisters when I use new footwear. But these pads really help keep the blisters at bay. To top it all, these pads are made in Germany and are vegan. One more positive thing about the product is its reusability. By reusable, I mean you can wash these pads with warm water as need be and also stick these to another pair of shoe if required. The adhesive is too good and does not give problems even after washing. Since these are gel based pads and have good quality adhesive, the footwear is nowhere damaged during the process of sticking, removing or reapplying.

Overall, it’s a must-have product for all heel wearers. I can’t recommend it enough. The only problem I see is that when the shoe is of perfect size and you insert the gel pads then the feet gets squeezed. So it’s better to buy shoes half a size bigger and then stick the pads.

Balea Foot Protection High Heels Gel Pad

Pros of Balea Foot Protection High Heels Gel Pads:

⦁ Non-sticky
⦁ Comfortable to wear
⦁ Reusable and washable
⦁ Prevent blisters and bruises
⦁ Vegan
⦁ Can be used on all kinds of footwear
⦁ Transparent
⦁ Anti-slip

Cons of Balea Foot Protection High Heels Gel Pads:

⦁ Can’t use with snug footwear
⦁ Scholl offers softer gel pads

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Would I Repurchase Balea Foot Protection High Heels Gel Pads?
For sure. Even though I like to try out different brands, I would purchase one more pair of these pads for my new high heels. I am too lazy to peel and stick these pads from one footwear to another.
Would I Recommend Balea Foot Protection High Heels Gel Pads?
Absolutely. If you get problems when you wear high heels, you must give these pads a try. You’ll be amazed to see the comfort these pads provide.

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