Balea Moisture Concentrate Drops Review

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I have been hearing about concentrated drops for a long time, but I hardly found something affordable here. During my trip to Germany, I spotted these and picked up almost every variant available. Today’s review is all about Balea Moisture Concentrate Drops. Read on to know more!

Balea Moisture Concentrate Drops Review

Price and Quantity: $1 for 7 capsules
Product Description:
The Balea Moisture Concentrate Drops with Vitamin E and regenerating olive oil alleviates dryness. Algae extract stimulates both collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis and supports the revitalization of the skin. Olive oil, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, supports the natural skin barrier function, promotes skin regeneration, preserves the moisture of the skin and leaves a silky-soft skin feeling. Vitamin E prevents premature, light-conditioned skin aging.
How to use: Unscrew or cut off the cap. Apply the concentrate to the face, neck and décolleté after cleaning with the fingertips. Gently massage. Regular use (one capsule per day) is recommended. Capsule content is enough for one application.


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My Experience with Balea Moisture Concentrate Drops:

Balea Moisture Concentrate Drops Review Back

Balea Moisture Concentrate Drops comes in a tablet-like package. There are 7 capsules and the sheet-like package makes it easier to take it along for travel trips. The product comes in a rubber-like capsule. It can be easily cut off and there is enough quantity to cover the face and neck. I sometimes use one capsule two times for the face.

Balea Moisture Concentrate Drops Review Capsules

The moisture drop is a transparent gel-like serum and has a thick consistency with Vitamin E and algae extract. The fragrance is pretty fresh and pleasant. When applied on the skin, it gets absorbed completely and doesn’t leave any greasy residue on the skin. It adds an instant boost of moisture to the skin. The moisture drop eliminates the dryness instantly. I have peeling due to tan and I see that they are completely soothed. The drops hydrate and moisture the skin for the whole day. The moisture drops also make a good base for makeup. It minimizes the pores and helps the foundation to stay longer. The skin is soft and smooth as soon as the serum is applied.

Balea Moisture Concentrate Drops Review Open capsule

The moisture drops consist silicones, and thus, you feel a weird residue on the hands and on the skin. I hate this, and all the soft and rejuvenating effects are just temporary. The silicones create a barrier over the skin and make it waterproof. I do not recommend using the capsules every day. They have to be used occasionally. I keep these concentrated drops only for the days when I need an instant boost of moisture and on travel days. I have not noticed any anti-aging benefits from it. They are affordable and I have nothing to complain about it in this category.

Pros of Balea Moisture Concentrate Drops:

• Travel friendly
• Affordable
• Easy to use and doesn’t leave any greasy residue
• Eliminates dryness and dry flakes instantly
• Makes skin smooth and soft
• Creates a perfect base for makeup
• Adds an instant boost of moisture
• Hydrates the skin for the whole day

Cons of Balea Moisture Concentrate Drops:

• Contains silicones and the results are only temporary
• Recommended to be used occasionally
• No anti-aging effects

IMBB Rating: 3/5
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Balea Moisture Concentrate Drops?
Maybe for an occasional use and it is affordable, but you cannot expect any long-term effects.

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