Balea Nose Strips with Activated Carbon Review

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Today’s review is about Balea Nose Strips with Activated Carbon. The product I am going to review today is a very satisfying product. You will know why it’s so satisfying as you read the review further.

Balea Nose Strips with Activated Carbon Review

Price: €2 for 3 strips 
Product Description:
The Balea nosestrips with activated carbon effectively counteract skin irritation and blackheads.
• The nosestrips with active carbon include a combination of salicylic acid and tea tree oil and free the skin on the nose pores and thoroughly from impurities.
• The skin appearance is visibly refined with regular application the development of blackheads is prevented.
• For a beautiful and cleansed skin.
Do not use the strips if your skin is sensitive to stickers or peel-off masks and if you have sunburn or skin irritations. Leave at least 3 days between the individual applications. Avoid contact with textiles or similar materials as this can lead to discoloration.

Balea Nose Strips with Activated Carbon Ingredients

My Experience with Balea Nose Strips with Activated Carbon:

The packaging is very handy and small. It comes in a cardboard packaging with all instructions printed on it. Inside the cardboard packaging lie three strips which are, again, individually packaged within a sealed plastic cover.

Balea Nose Strips with Activated Carbon Outer Packaging

The strip within this packaging is like a sticker. There is a transparent sheet on which the black strip is stuck. The strip can be easily and smoothly peeled off from the sheet and applied. One can also cut the strip if the area is small and then use it.

Balea Nose Strips with Activated Carbon Packaging

The shape of the strip is more like a thick mustache. Here is how it’s supposed to be used: you need to wash your face clean with a face wash and then pat dry it; then moisten the area where the strip is supposed to be applied and stick the strip.

Balea Nose Strips with Activated Carbon How to Use

I have used it only on my nose till now because that is my problem area. The strip has to be left for 10 minutes. While doing all this, the hands have to be clean and dry. I left the strip on for 15 minutes to get better results. During the waiting time, one can feel the skin being worked on.

Balea Nose Strips with Activated Carbon Sachet

I could feel the skin kind of being pulled and tugged. There was no burning sensation on my sensitive skin, though. After 15 minutes, I pulled it out in one shot as it was slightly painful to pull out slowly. I wanted the process to get over quickly and was more curious to see the results.

As you can see from the pictures there was a lot of black and white heads on the strip. My nose felt and looked visibly clean and shiny after using this. The process of getting rid of such unwanted things, especially from the face, is a satisfying experience, at least to me.

Balea Nose Strips with Activated Carbon

I do not like the instruments used in salons to remove white and black heads, hence I always tell the staff not to use those tools on me. Now, these Balea strips will solve this issue completely for me. I am totally satisfied with the results and will continue using it.

Activated Carbon Nose Strip

Pros of Balea Nose Strips with Activated Carbon:

• 3 strips in one packaging
• Each strip is individually packaged
• Hygienic
• Convenient to use
• Can be used anywhere on the face
• Mess-free
• Very effective
• Activated carbon

Cons of Balea Nose Strips with Activated Carbon:

• None

IMBB Rating: 5/5
Would I Repurchase Balea Nose Strips with Activated Carbon?
I am going to always keep these in stock. I just love using these strips and my husband also shares it.
Would I Recommend Balea Nose Strips with Activated Carbon?
This product is a must-buy for everyone with white or black heads. It’s very effective.

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