Balea Sensitive Skin Shaving Oil Review

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Today’s review is about Balea Sensitive Skin Shaving Oil. The market is full of products you can use for shaving and to get silky smooth skin. Today I am reviewing one such product, which I have been using for the past few weeks. So, read on to know how well or bad it fared.

Balea Sensitive Skin Shaving Oil Review

Price: €3 for 75ml
Product Description:
The Balea shaving oil ensures a particularly gentle and thorough shave. It forms a protective barrier between blade and skin. This results in a higher lubricity of the blade, which can reduce the stresses and irritations of the skin. The formula with the 5-fold care oil complex of calendula oil, babassu oil, olive oil, sunflower oil and almond oil ensures a particularly supple skin feeling.

How to Use:
Apply a few drops to the palm of the hand as needed and massage into the skin. Leave in for a short time. Then shave. Always rinse the shaver.
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My Experience with Balea Sensitive Skin Shaving Oil:

Before I start, I have extremely sensitive skin and I have hair everywhere. So, I need to epilate, wax and shave on a regular basis. I also shave my peach fuss on the face and it has made a world of difference. My sensitive skin reacts badly to shaving creams or lotions, though. I tend to get bad breakouts due to shaving.

Balea Sensitive Skin Shaving Oil Packaging

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Shaving products dry out my skin too and I am scared to use chemicals for hair removal, especially on my face. I saw this oil in the drugstore and looked into the ingredients and it seemed really good with a lot of oils. Oils are natural lubricants which help in shaving and they keep the skin moisturized at the same time.

This product comes in a cardboard packaging. All the details and instructions are mentioned on the packaging. Inside this is the plastic bottle with the actual oil in it. The plastic bottle is small and rectangular. It is transparent, making it easy to know the amount of product left inside.

Balea Sensitive Skin Shaving Oil Ingredients

It has a pump dispenser which is pink in color and has a light pink protective cover. The packaging is very handy and small, which is so perfect for travelling. It takes so less space in luggage and is securely packed. It’s such a mess to carry shaving creams or lathers, otherwise.

I normally apply a few drops of oil on the skin to be shaved and let it sink into the skin for around 10 minutes or so. After this, I rinse my hand else it remains very slippery during shaving. Once the skin is conditioned and the hair is soft because of oil, I go ahead and shave.

Balea Sensitive Skin Shaving Oil Claims

The smell of the oil is a kind of sweet smell which is not overwhelming. I am okay with the fragrance. I do not love it but I can take it for some time. The fragrance is mostly from all the different kind of oils in the ingredients.

I wash my skin completely after shaving with a body wash or face wash. I do not apply anything for the next few hours. My skin feels very smooth and soft and also does not feel dry. I love touching my skin over and again after shaving with this oil. The product is very efficient and a little goes a long way.

Balea Sensitive Skin Shaving Oil Pump

One can achieve the same results with coconut oil but I do not find coconut oil so easily here and hence I love using this oil instead. I have tried with olive oil also and was not happy with the results. This product has calendula oil, babassu oil, olive oil, sunflower oil and almond oil in the right combination and works great. Overall, I am satisfied with the product.

Balea Sensitive Skin Shaving Oil Swatch

Pros of Balea Sensitive Skin Shaving Oil:

• Handy, safe and convenient packaging
• A little goes a long way
• Contain 5 different oils
• Does not cause breakout, redness or irritation
• Skin feels soft and smooth after usage
• Low on chemicals

Cons of Balea Sensitive Skin Shaving Oil:

• Same results can be achieved with coconut oil

IMBB Rating: 5/5
Would I Recommend Balea Sensitive Skin Shaving Oil?
If you have never tried any oil for shaving, this is the time and product. It’s not expensive and works great.

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