Balea Shower Gel Sport and Refresh Review

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This review is about ‘Balea Shower Gel Sport and Refresh’. Let’s see how it fared.

Balea Shower Gel Sport and Refresh Review

Price: €1 for 300 ml
Product Description:
The Balea shower gel Sport & Refresh provides an invigorating freshness kick. For freshness and new energy after sports. Vegan.

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My Experience with Balea Shower Gel Sport and Refresh:

The product comes in a typical shower gel bottle, just like other Balea shower gels. The bottle is dark pink in colour and the flap lid too. The flap lid is easy to open and close and is also secure to travel with. It makes a perfect product for the gym bag. It’s not very bulky either. The bottle is transparent, so you can always see how much product you still have. I find that very practical. There is a picture of running woman on it – which kind of reminds me to go for a run. 😉

Balea Shower Gel Sport and Refresh Front

The shower gel itself is pink in color and has blue exfoliating beads. I am not a big fan of products that add color to the products. I think color is just not needed for performance; it’s only to make the product more appealing. The exfoliating beads are not in abundance. It’s a few here and there.

Balea Shower Gel Sport and Refresh Ingredients

This shower gel is for ladies to use after sports to get the required freshness. The fragrance is quite strong, I felt. It’s not like the Adidas shower gels. Adidas shower gels are mild but still smell fresh. Balea’s fragrance feels slightly artificial. The fragrance has a citrus note and also a slightly fruity smell to it.

Balea Shower Gel Sport and Refresh Cap

The shower gel lathers very well and hence a little goes a long way. It’s also easy to spread all over the wet skin. The exfoliating beads are very mild and you can hardly feel them. So, the gel is very mild and I would not consider this product for exfoliating. I feel it’s not effective in exfoliating. After a shower, it’s easy to wash off too.

Balea Shower Gel Sport and Refresh Swatch

The skin feels squeaky clean after usage. I feel it is not great for the very dry skin as after a shower I need a body lotion. If I do not apply the body lotion my skin feels tight and dry. Overall, it’s an average product that one can use after the gym or a run or any other sport.

Pros of Balea Shower Gel Sport and Refresh:

• Small, sturdy, strong packaging
• Lathers very well
• Fresh fragrance
• A little goes a long way
• Not expensive

Cons of Balea Shower Gel Sport and Refresh:

• Added colour (totally unnecessary)
• Not effective in exfoliating
• The fragrance is a little too strong and artificial
• Skin feels dry and tight after a shower
• The body lotion is a must post shower
• Not for dry skinned people

IMBB Rating: 2.5/5
Would I Repurchase Balea Shower Gel Sport and Refresh?
I have dry skin and it makes my skin even drier. So, I will not repurchase it.
Would I Recommend Balea Shower Gel Sport and Refresh?
If you do not have dry skin, then it works well after a sweaty workout.

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