Balea Soft and Clear Anti-Blackheads Nose Strips Review

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I am obsessed with nose strips! Even though I do not have blackheads, I use such strips to clear out the pores and reduce whiteheads. Today’s review is all about Balea Soft and Clear Anti-Blackheads Nose Strips. Read on to know more.

Balea Soft and Clear Anti-Blackheads Nose Strips Review

Price and Quantity: $2 for 3 nose strips
Product Description:
The Balea Soft & Clear Anti-Blackheads Nose strips are effective against pimples and blackheads. The active ingredient combination of salicylic acid and tea tree oil frees the skin on the nose from impurities. When used regularly, the appearance of the skin is refined and the development of blackheads is pre-determined.

Vp/va Copolymer | Aqua | Glycerin | Bentonite | Polyvinyl Alcohol | Hamamelis Virginiana Extract | Butylene Glycol | Ethyl Hexanediol | 1,2-hexanediol | Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf Oil | Salicylic Acid | Sodium Hydroxide | Phenoxyethanol | Limonene | Ci 77891.

My Experience with Balea Soft and Clear Anti-Blackheads Nose Strips:

The nose strips come in a cardboard packaging. There is some information on the back and I find the outer package pretty decent for the price. When opened, there are 3 pouches inside. Each sachet carries one nose strip. There is some basic information at the back of the sachet. I find these very convenient and I can just slide one in my purse and use it even when I am on-the-go. Overall, the simple, hygienic packaging has won my heart!

Balea Soft and Clear Anti-Blackheads Nose Strips Back

The nose strip comes in the basic curvy shape on a clear film. You can easily pull off the nose strip. The nose strip is white in color. The use of the nose strip is very simple. You need to wet your nose and place the strip for 10-15 minutes and then peel it off. Since the product contains salicylic acid, it stings a bit. This can be an issue if you have some broken skin. The nose strip did sting a lot, especially near the corners of the nose. I had a runny nose, and due to the constant rubbing of my nose, it caused some burning.

Balea Soft and Clear Anti-Blackheads Nose Strips Packaging

The nose strip is very easy to use. The adhesive is very strong and it sticks to the nose perfectly. It hurts a lot when I rip the strip off. It leaves my nose red and hurts a lot when I am trying to pull the nose strip. The strong adhesive pulls off the dry flakes from the skin. When I pull out the strip, I see whiteheads, dry flakes and blackheads stuck to the nose strip. It leaves my nose very clean and cleansed.

Balea Soft and Clear Anti-Blackheads Nose Strips Usage

The product doesn’t leave any residue behind. The nose strip does not effectively pull out the blackheads. It does make the pores look clear and also removes whiteheads. If you have severe dry flakes, it might rip out the sensitive skin as well, hence the product is a strict no-no for sensitive skin. The strip does make the pores look bigger, especially where it rips out the whiteheads. So, I do not want to use these often.

Balea Soft and Clear Anti-Blackheads Nose Strip

The nose strip makes the nose look radiant after usage. It feels very clear. The nose strip also controls oil as I was oil-free for almost 2 days; this is pretty great as I have combination skin, which means an oily T-zone. Overall, this is just an adhesive strip that contains salicylic acic. It helps you in achieving a clear and dead skin and oil free nose. Other than this, it is nothing great and not a must-buy.

So, summing up:

Pros of Balea Soft and Clear Anti-Blackheads Nose Strips:

• Removes dead skin.
• Travel-friendly and inexpensive.
• Pulls off whiteheads.
• Controls oil and creates a shine-free nose.
• Adds radiance to the nose.
• No breakouts.
• Contains salicylic acid.
• Mess-free and easy to use.
• Doesn’t leave any residue.

Cons of Balea Soft and Clear Anti-Blackheads Nose Strips:

• Stings due to the presence of salicylic acid.
• Hurts a lot when ripped out.
• Pulls out sensitive skin, which causes a lot of pain.
• Not suitable for sensitive skin.
• Doesn’t work on blackheads.

IMBB Rating: 2.5/5
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Balea Soft and Clear Anti-Blackheads Nose Strips?
No since it is very painful.

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