Balea Vanilla and Coconut Body Cream Review

Skin type: dry, sensitive

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This review is about Balea Vanilla and Coconut Body Cream. Read on for more.
Balea Vanilla and Coconut Body Cream Review

Product Description:
The Balea Body Cream Vanilla & Coconut pampers dry skin effectively with moisture. Shea butter keeps your skin from drying out. Avocado oil gives the skin suppleness. With Vitamin E.


€1.95 for 500ml/approximately INR 140 for 500ml

My Experience with Balea Vanilla and Coconut Body Cream:

The packaging is very simple and doesn’t stand out. The cream comes in a round tub container with a screw-on lid. The tub is light cream in color and has pictures of vanilla flower and coconut over it. It looks very refreshing. The picture of coconut on the tub makes it look exotic. The lid is easy to open and also close. It doesn’t leak in any way. The cream also has a hygienic seal which needs to be pulled off before use. So this makes sure that the product was not touched by anyone in the shop.

tub packaging

Many people don’t prefer to dig directly in to the product. But for me it’s ok when it comes to body creams. It’s easy to dig in and pick the right quantity and put back the excess cream too. This doesn’t lead to wastage of the product. The consistency of the product is creamy but is on a little runny side. It’s not the thick body cream. Since it’s a little runny, it feels not so rich when it comes to moisturisation. The fragrance is a perfect blend of vanilla and coconut. It feels very refreshing when used in the morning after shower. The fragrance doesn’t feel artificial.


The fragrance also lasts for around 1 to 2 hours. I normally pick the product from the tub with my fingers as per need and apply it all over. I feel the product actually takes a minute or two to get absorbed. The cream leaves the skin soft and smooth. Since the product is 500ml, it lasts quite a number of days. Overall, it’s a good skincare product with great fragrance. It also moisturizes the skin well and is suitable for summer, spring, and also autumn. But I would not use it during winters.


Pros of Balea Vanilla and Coconut Body Cream:

• Non-sticky and non-oily
• Lovely vanilla and coconut fragrance
• Fragrance is not overpowering
• Not expensive
• Nice packaging

Cons of Balea Vanilla and Coconut Body Cream:

• Takes a little time to get absorbed
• Not suitable for winter months
• Not for extremely dry skin (even though it claims so)
• Bulky packaging

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase Balea Vanilla and Coconut Body Cream?
I need very rich and moisturizing body creams. This one is ok for summer months but not for winter months. So, I don’t think I will repurchase the product.

Would I Recommend Balea Vanilla and Coconut Body Cream?
If you don’t need that deep moisturization for your skin then go for it. This body cream is not expensive so one can give it a try. The fragrance is to fall for.

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