Banila Co Hydrating Prime Primer Review

I have made face primers as an essential part of my makeup routine because recently I have started to notice some pores on my face which get accentuated by blush and highlighter. I have tried Smashbox and Benefit primers and they worked well for me, but I wanted to diversify so bought this one by Banila Co. I love Korean products, they are true to their claims and they never let me down.

Banila Co Hydrating Prime Primer

Product Description:
Creamy primer enhances makeup wear while hydrating and nourishing skin with its active ingredients of glacier and hot spring minerals. Used on cleansed and toned skin, this hydrating primer smoothens out and refines skin texture, while minimizing pore size to create a flawless base that foundation can easily adhere to. Recommended for normal to dry skin types.
Price:$28 (Can be bought a little cheaper at clearance).

My Experience with Banila Co Hydrating Prime Primer:

I apply face primer after my skincare routine and sunscreen application. If it’s moisturizing or oil based, I use it all over my face and even mix it with my foundation, but since this primer from Banila Co. is hydrating, I specifically use on the dry parts of my face and even mix it with my high-coverage foudantion.

Banila Co Hydrating Prime Primer bottle

This product comes in a very elegant and sturdy, silver color bottle with a pump dispenser. With each pump, a pea-sized product is dispensed which is enough for half a face. Since it has a matte finish, I do not use it on my entire face, but only on the apples of my cheeks and my T zone.

Banila Co Hydrating Prime Primer open

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The product is in the form of a usual thick moisturizing lotion/gel and resembles a more translucent version of the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. It has a very slippery, silicone-like texture and is slightly more slippery than the one by Smashbox. I know that all the face primers contain varying amount of silicone and it doesn’t bother me much because they serve their purpose well without an obvious damage to skin, but the ingredient list is still not very appealing.

Banila Co Hydrating Prime Primer

The Banila Co website and several other third-party websites do not have product ingredient list and those that do have are mentioned in Korean language. It is a big letdown and a bit worrisome for me. Nevertheless, I am sure that it primarily contains silicone compounds, a lot of cross polymers and a very low percentage of some essential extracts. It has not done any harm to my skin but high content of complex chemicals is still a little worrisome.

It adds a very smooth base to my makeup, it makes makeup coverage easier and especially works well with high-coverage foundations, but it still does not serve the purpose I bought it for. I bought it thinking that it might reduce the appearance of pores, but it does not make an appreciable difference to the texture of my skin and blush and highlighter still appear the same. I have dry skin and I prefer dewy finish to my base foundation but since this primer make my skin matte, it is a disadvantage for me. Even though it is called “hydrating”, it is not hydrating enough for me.

Pros of Banila Co Hydrating Prime Primer:

  • Comes in a good size bottle with a pump dispenser which dispenses a pea-sized product each time.
  • The packaging is appealing and looks elegant.
  • It comes in 5 different variants.
  • Not that expensive, generally available on a discount.
  • It makes skin matte and smooth, which in turn makes foundation application easier, especially if it is full coverage foundation.
  • No fragrance.
  • It does not breakout my skin or cause acne.
  • A small amount goes a long way and the product will last a while.

Cons of Banila Co Hydrating Prime Primer:

  • Availability can be an issue for some, but most Korean brands are available on so many websites that it is rather easier for consumers to buy them.
  • Pricey (especially if bought in INR).
  • I wish it was higher in oil content because I have extremely dry skin and for my makeup look, I prefer a dewy finish rather than matte.
  • It does not cover up my pores or make them appear less obvious underneath a blush or a highlighter.

It is a good skin primer but it does not serve my specific needs, however, all those who need a primer to add matte finish to their makeup and make the application process smoother should invest in it.
IMBB Rating: 3/5


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