Banjara’s Anti-Pimple Face Pack

Banjara’s Anti Pimple Face Pack

Hello Girls,

How are you all? I am going home finally after a long long time. It’s been 4 months. When I used to stay in Delhi I used to visit home every fortnight. Sometimes I feel so jealous of people who live in metros because they don’t have to move out much to get settled 😛
Ok coming to today’s review- today’s product is going to be Banjara’s Anti Pimple Face pack. Let me tell you I have not purchased this pack but got it as free gift with one of the Banjara’s product. Read on further to know how this product worked for me.

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INR 125

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Product Description:

Banjara’s Herbal Anti-Pimple Face pack is the most natural way of taking care of your skin. It not just makes your skin glow but also makes it tender and pimple free. It prevents excess oil and acts as the best remedy for infection.

Usage Directions:

Mix the pack with water and make a thin paste. Apply on face and neck. Avoid contact with eyes. Allow the paste to dry and rinse the face with cold water thoroughly. Avoid lime and soap to get a natural glow. Banjara’s Herbal Anti-Pimple Face Pack can be mixed with Banjara’s Rose Water for better results.

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My experience with Banjara’s Anti Pimple Face pack:

The product comes in a cardboard box with a lady’s picture on it. Almost all the face packs of Banjara’s which are in powdered form come in the same kind of packaging only. The only difference is the lady’s  picture I believe. The powder looks exactly like multani mitti. I had this product for long but didn’t get a chance to review it as I did not have pimples so there was no use of reviewing a product made for pimples. But some time back I got 3 big  pimples on my cheek, so I thought let me try this product. I mixed the powder with rose water. It has some strong smell may be because of presence of neem oil and tea tree oil. Applying it was easy. I used face pack brush to apply. It gave me itchy feeling and I washed it when it was half dry. It is not easy to remove. You actually have to make lots of effort to remove it. After removing it my face became all red and it remained red for around 40 minutes. Also it made my oily skin dry so it is definitely not made for dry skin girls. It neither provided any glow nor helped in pimple reduction. I am not at all happy with this face pack.

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Positives for Banjara’s Anti Pimple Face pack:

• I didn’t find any positive thing in this pack apart from the fact that it gives a cool feeling on application.

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Negatives for Banjara’s Anti Pimple Face pack:

• Doesn’t help in pimple reduction.
• Itchy feeling with the pack on face.
• Removal is a mess.
• Made my face all red (maybe this is a problem with my skin only)
• Made my skin dry.

Will I repurchase or recommend Banjara’s Anti Pimple Face pack?

No no no! Do not buy this pack. I will never buy it again and I am sure I am never going to use the same. I would have never used it had I not got it free. I feel there are so many solutions for pimple reduction like multani mitti, toothpaste. So this pack is a total No-No!

IMBB rating:

1/5 (I have never given such a low rating to any product)

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