Banjara’s Brahmi Powder Review

Banjara’s Brahmi Powder

Hi everyone,

Today I am reviewing a hair powder which I bought from Banjara’s. I have used the Jovees brahmi shampoo. I did like it and as I din’t find them again for repurchasing near my place, I bought it from banjara’s. Read on to know more.
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INR 55 for 100g.


The ingredients list is missing.

Product Description

Is an excellent hair nourisher and gives long, dense, black and lustrous hair, strengthens hair roots, prevents hair fall and premature graying. Regular massage to the scalp with Brahmi powder eliminates dandruff, gives sound sleep and helps improve memory power.

Directions for use

Step 1 – mix Brahmi powder with water to make a thin paste.
Step 2- apply the paste in suitable consistency on the scalp.
Step 3 – allow the paste to remain on scalp for 1 hour
Step 4- rinse scalp thoroughly with water.
My experience with the Banjara’s Brahmi powder
The Brahmi powder retails packed in a transparent cover. This pack of 100 grams will last you for 15 to 18 times of application but varies with hair length. I am suffering from medical conditions which left my whole body dry from scalp to toe. The main reason for buying it is, the brahmi leaves are good conditioning product.

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I applied this powder by mixing it with water and allowed it to stay for about 45 minutes. The powder is not very fine and there are few granules. The powder has amla fragrance, I have no idea about the ingredients as it is not mentioned anywhere in the box.

The powder dries quite quickly and washing it off from the hair is also easy. Natural products require regular usage to notice difference. I applied more than 10 times leaving some alternating gaps between my hair washes and still dint notice any major difference. But yes, I noticed my hair was little softer. After washing my hair, I had a cooling effect.

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I then mixed this powder up with curd as it might help conditioning hair. I noticed my hair a bit better and softer with my diy mix of Brahmi and curd. I used it for another week. Then I got bored and stopped using it as I was not really satisfied with the powder. The claims of the powder to eliminate dandruff and help hair growth was just a claim, it did nothing to my dandruff and hair loss problems. Overall, there was nothing impressive about the product for 50 bucks. 

Pros of Banjara’s Brahmi Powder

• Affordable and safe as it is made of natural ingredients.
• If mixed with other conditioning ingredients helps improve hair texture.

Cons of Banjara’s Brahmi Powder

• It did not condition or nourish hair as it claims.
• I did not notice any improvement on hair loss and dandruff as it claims.

IMBB Rating


Will I Repurchase and do I recommend the Banjara’s Brahmi Powder?

No, it did not work for me. However, mixing ingredients to it did work making hair a bit softer. I really think you can skip this product as I did not notice any positive results.

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