Banjara’s Fairness Glow Face Pack Review

Banjara’s Fairness Glow Face Pack

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Today I’ll review for you a face pack by Banjara’s. I have used a couple of their products and found them to be absolute value for money. Do read on to find how Banjara’s Fairness Glow Face Pack fared for me.

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Name of the Product:

Banjara’s Fairness Glow Face Pack


Rs85 for 100g.

Product Description:

Banjara’s Fairness Glow pack is the natural alternative for skin whitening. It is mixed with mushroom extract has effective brightening qualities with the additional functions of clearing away darkened pigmented spots and caring for the skin. Regular use will rejuvenate and nourish your skin.
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Mushroom, Kesar, Liquorice, Haldi, Orange, Multani and Manjishtha.

My Experience with Bajara’s Fairness Glow Face Pack:

The face pack is in the form of powder, which I prefer. It is a skin colored powder, very much like fuller’s earth. It smells like fuller’s earth too but the list of key ingredients does not mention the presence of fuller’s earth. I am, however, not convinced. The powder is not a very fine one. It consists of several dried herbs, which you’ll notice once you add water or rose water, according to your preference, to it. I prefer water, because rose water obscures its lovely, earthy smell. I like to make a paste that is a bit runny, because I, once, made a really thick paste and it took about forty five minutes to dry. The consistency of the paste that I make is such that it dries in about fifteen minutes. The application will not be smooth because of the presence of dried herbs. It is very easy to wash off. I did not notice any difference after the first use, but I kept using it and with a couple more uses I noticed that my acne marks were fading away. The pigmentation around my mouth also seemed to be a bit lighter. The fairness claim is not true, though. It does bring to the face, a natural glow. It did not dry my skin before the winters started, but, of late, I have been noticing scaly areas post washing and drying. So, I‘ve limited its application to only those areas that have acne marks and pigmentation because each time I wash this face pack off, the marks appear to be visibly lighter. I’ll stop using it once the marks disappears, but till then I think I’ll continue using it. Because of its drying nature, I would not recommend it to people with dry skin, at least in winter. People with acne marks or pigmentation, please try it, if not now then after the winter ends.

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Pros of Bajara’s Fairness Glow Face Pack:

• Effectively fades away acne marks, with regular use.
• Lightens pigmentation.
• Gets rid of excessive oil, so oily skinned beauties might find it useful.
• Brings a subtle glow to the face.

Banjara's Fairness Glow Face Pack 4

Cons of Bajara’s Fairness Glow Face Pack:

• Not at all suitable for dry skin.
• Does not make the skin fair.
• Drying action.
• Application I winter may result in the skin turning scaly.

Banjara's Fairness Glow Face Pack 5

IMBB Rating:


Will I Repurchase Bajara’s Fairness Glow Face Pack:

I think I will.

Who will I Recommend Banjara’s Fairness Glow Pack:

People with scars, marks or pigmentation. Dry skinned people stay away.

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  1. Now that’s what I call a perfect review *clap* *clap* *clap*

    I have this since last year and still half left unused as it was really drying for my combi skin even in summers. *ghost*

    I agree with the glow part but was temporary and glad it worked for you to fade acbe marks because it didnt help me at all *headbang*

  2. *thankyou* for the reviews……. I was thinking *waiting* whether to buy these products but now i have made my mind….. *hifive* Love the face pack of any sorts………. *hihi*

  3. This looks great for acne marks *happy dance* *happy dance* going to try it after winters *pompom* *pompom* *thankyou* *thankyou* for sharing this *happy dance* *happy dance*

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