Banjara’s Oatmeal Face Pack-Review

Banjara’s Oatmeal Face Pack-Review

I had never known about this brand until I saw them on our IMBB. Then I found them at my Health & Glow Stores and then finally in a local grocer’s. I picked up what sounded most appealing and something worth trying out, “oatmeal”. Hence I picked this face pack up!

Banjara's Oatmeal Face Pack


Rs.125 ( as far as I can recall! )

The pack ofcourse comes without that jar 😛 but I hate powders flying in the air and hence I transferred it into a jar from my kitchen, thinking I should save it some where decent till the time I use it, so this jar was just right.

The powder is just like any multani mix face pack you would have seen, nothing gritty or oatmeal-like but very regular. I was expecting some signs of oatmeal in it, 😛 perhaps rolled oats here and there but nothing!

Let me talk about my skin type and the climate I am in, my skin type is oily, acne prone and I stay in an extremely humid place where dry skin is history for me unless I travel somewhere cold. Most mud packs/face packs show good results after a couple of times of use. My skin is a little sensitive and has been experimented upon as well.

Banjara's Oatmeal Face Pack (3)

The face pack gets very thick with very little water/milk and you need like a spoonful of the pack for a single use. The pack feels very thick if you try using or more or if you want to layer on a thick pack on your face. The texture is a little slimy, reminding me of oats, but the pack is best used very less,dont apply this one thick.

Banjara's Oatmeal Face Pack (2)

It does not dry and crack like multani but instead feels very thick all the time and takes ages to dry, hence use a single thin layer only, in case.When you remove it, there is no slime/dryness on the face. The pack gives a cooling sensation and does not burn or anything at all, so I think someone with sensitive skin still eager to use could go ahead.

Banjara's Oatmeal Face Pack (1)

There was no effect on my skin for the first time, just nothing! Then I thought to myself, I must use it a lot more times before coming to a conclusion, but for the second time too, I saw nothing! It was as if I washed my face with plain tap water! After using it a lot of times again,(for review purpose) I could see no result whatsoever! It is a total flop!

Oh I forgot this one,it gets all lumpy when you try to mix or dilute it. It does not dissolve like multani, its quite a pain to use this lumpy pack.

Banjara's Oatmeal Face Pack

Last word:

I suggest you try plain multani or make your own powder oats and multani pack but skip this for heaven’s sake!It wouldn’t burn/sting/dry your skin out but do just nothing at all!

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  1. Omg!! So glad i dint pick this 1 jst a few days back but instead took th multani with papaya 1..tat 1 is really nice, th only reason i chose tat 1 was coz it got a good review here 🙂

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