Banjara’s Oil Clear Multani + Neem Face Wash Review

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Skin Type: Oily acne prone & sensitive
Hi girls!
Today’s review is going to be on Banjara’s Oil Clear Multani + Neem Face Wash. I have recently shopped some stuff from Banjara’s and they are all so nice. I always prefer a neem face wash for my oily skin and this turned out to be a really good option. Let’s jump on to the review.
Banjaras Oil clear Multani Neem Face Wash

Product Description & Ingredients:
description ingredients

Price: Rs. 40/- for 50ml

My Experience with Banjara’s Oil Clear Multani + Neem Face Wash:

The face wash comes in a small 50ml white tube packaging with dark green flip flop cap. All the details are nicely describe on the tube. Cap closes tightly and nice amount of product comes out through the hole. Small tube is quite handy and easy to carry. Considering the quantity and quality, price is very cheap.

It smells like fresh neem which actually feels nice. I like this mild refreshing smell as it never smells overpowering. The face wash is light green in color. Consistency is neither too thick nor runny; it is something like a perfect creamy texture which blends easily on skin. But it doesn’t create good lather. It needs little more than usual to create proper lather. It is easy to rinse off from face and there is no slippery feeling left behind.

This face wash is specially designed for oily, acne prone skin and it does its job perfectly as per the claims. It cleans my face deep and it removes all the dirt from face. It helps to remove the excess oil without making it dry. I really like the oil clearing quality of this one. My face feels totally fresh and it also cleans the pores. There is no oil left on my skin. It is really good as a daily cleanser. It instantly gives fresh, bright, clear skin. It really helps to remove the dullness from skin and brings back the glow. I like the fresh effect. It is also amazing to control my facial oil. It keeps my T-zone oil free for more than 4hrs. It is really a nice option during summer.

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After a whole working day face looks dull and oily and then we actually need purifying oil clearing face wash to remove all the dirt and grime. So I prefer to use it at night or evening. Besides good cleaning, it also keeps my skin soft and smooth. It never dries out my oily skin but it is not super hydrating for the dry skin. It makes my skin radiant and leaves the skin squeaky clean. So it is good for oily skin, but is not ideal for normal to dry skin.

I like the glow after using this. It never disappoints me. It suits on my sensitive skin well and it never broke me out. Like its claim it also prevents pimples. Recently I don’t have any major issue of pimples but it keeps my face clear and it works on small acne by reducing them. Regular uses make skin smooth and fresh with a healthy glow.

Overall it is a nice budget friendly face wash which cleans face deep and it is really effective to control oil. It is not a good moisturizing face wash so I can’t use it during winter; also it is not for dry skin. Otherwise I am happy to have it.
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Pros of Banjara’s Oil Clear Multani + Neem Face Wash:

• Travel friendly & pocket friendly face wash.
• Medium texture easily glides on skin.
• Has a refreshing smell.
• Easy to rinse and no slippery effect.
• Cleans all the dirt and impurity amazingly.
• Deep cleans all the excess oil from face.
• Controls oil for about 4hrs.
• Makes skin fresh and bright instantly.
• Provides decently soft & smooth skin.
• Never dries out my super oily skin.
• Never broke me out & reduces small acne.
• Provides a decent glow.
• Best for oily skin during summer.

Cons of Banjara’s Oil Clear Multani + Neem Face Wash:

• Small amount can’t create good lather.
• Not a good hydrating face wash.
• Might dry out normal/dry skin.
• Not good for winters.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Banjara’s Oil Clear Multani + Neem Face Wash?
Yes for both, I always love neem face washes so no doubt I will repurchase this. Oily skinned people must give this a try.

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