Banjaras Olive Blossom Oil Review

Banjaras Olive Blossom Oil Review

This is not olive oil but olive blossom oil and yes they are different. I went to a nearby shop to get olive oil for Neya and my eyes skipped the word ‘blossom’ in the packaging. That is how I ended up buying this Banjaras Olive Blossom Oil for skin and hair.

From the Bottle

Banjara’s Olive Blossom Oil is smooth to feel and is very light. It is quick to penetrate into the skin, making it soft, supple and radiant. At the same time, the oil also protects and promotes lasting hydration. The oil is fortified with skin-loving nutrient humectants, which are known to promote moisture retention in the skin.

Direction for use :
Banjara’s Olive Blossom Oil for complete body:

Hair – Strengthen your hair with the oil protein, and also get a good shine.

Eyebrows – Use the oil on the eyebrows after tweezing or waxing for moisture and smoothening.

Lips – Dab a small amount on your finger tips and rub across your lips to provide them the moisture everyday.

Hands and Feet – Take a small amount of oil and rub into your nails and cuticles, this will give them a beautiful shine and make them soft.

Feet – Use 1 tablespoon of the oil in a warm foot bath, soak your feet for 10 mins after pedicure for moisturizing.

Body Massage – Use the oil for body massage for skin protein.

Bath Oil – Instead of your regular oil bath use Banjara’s Olive Blossom Oil for skin softening and shine.

The 100 ml bottle costs Rs.140.

Whatever it is I try it first before using it for Neya so this product was no exception. I took a little amount and applied it on my hands and my dry skin just absorbed it in a second leaving my skin soft and supple. It has a light floral fragrance that is so mild and soothing and I could feel the smell on my skin for a while. I really liked the fragrance. The packaging is very neat and simple and green in colour to match the theme. My cam didn’t pick the colour properly 

Pros of Banjaras Olive Blossom Oil

• Skin is soft, shiny and moisturized after application.
• This oil is enhanced with Vitamin E & K and there is no doubt about it after seeing the effects.
• Has a mild fragrance that is so soothing.
• Available in many Nilgiris stores and medical stores as well.
• It is worth the price for what it does to my skin and Neya’s skin.
• Acts as the best moisturizer for my skin.
• Feels as light as a water and at the same time not at all sticky. Neither does it smell like any oil !!!
• Gets absorbed very quickly.

Cons of Banjaras Olive Blossom Oil

Nothing at all !! Since I am using it every day I finish one bottle in a month and I am already using the second bottle.

My Rating – 4.5/5 [0.5 – It is addictive and hence I finish it too quickly]

Will I Repurchase? – Yes a bigger bottle this time. I would like to try it on my hands, feet, hair and might be lips as well.


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  3. hey nice review Aarthi!!!..infact in summers i hav this headache regarding chapped lips n dry skin..and for quite sumtym i was searching a products (oil or any such thing) for my cuticles.. :)..wud dffntly go n buy this today..n will let ya knw my take on this aswell.. 🙂

    Hey rati..yesterday nyt i hav mailed u my blog -“My very first Make UP HAUL blog in IMBB”…since its my very frst blogging experience in IMBB (nervous n exited 😛 ), wud appreciate if u cud let me knw have got it or not.. 🙂

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  8. Looks like a good one. Thanks fro the review Aarthi :))

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  9. Nice review Aarthi..had never heard of olive ‘blossom’ oil before. It sounds really great for dryness is summers..non sticky and water like consistency. :waytogo:

  10. i am pretty excited too :woot: one oil itne uses!!!!! 😀 ..i was wondering for the longest time which olive oil to use for the hair- the Figaro one or something else..i hope i find in hyderabad too :yahoo: finally something that is available here..keeping fingers crossed

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