Banjara’s Pearl Facial Kit Review

Skin Type: Oily & Sensitive

Hello ladies,
Today’s review is going to be on a facial kit by Banjara’s. They offer various facial kits and I picked up this ‘Pearl’ kit. So, here is the review of this kit.
Banjara’s Pearl Facial Kit Review

INR 225


My Experience with Banjara’s Pearl Facial Kit:

Packaging: The facial kit comes in a silver cardboard packaging with a plastic cover which opens nicely like a door. It looks nice and all the details are nicely described on the packaging. 4 small tubes are nicely placed on a plastic tray. I really like these mini tubes as these tubes are easy to store and are hygienic too. Each tube contains 15g of product and each tube can be used twice. Overall, I am impressed with the packaging.

Step 1. Pearl Cleansing Scrub
The scrub has a white creamy consistency with some small white scrubbing particles. It glides smoothly on the skin and it exfoliates my skin deeply. The texture of the scrubbing particles is fine and sharp so they might feel harsh on your pimples. Hence, be careful with this scrub. It’s easy to massage with this scrub as it is creamy but massage with a light hand for best results. It deeply cleanses the skin. It really helps to remove dead skin cells and blackheads. It makes my skin smooth and removes its dull texture too. It removes dirt from the pores and makes my skin oil-free. It provides a fresh, clear, and bright skin.

Step 2. Pearl Massage Gel
This facial gel looks extremely creamy and white. It is not a clear gel but it feels light on the skin. It glides smoothly on the skin and it doesn’t dry out quickly so you can easily massage with it. It smoothly blends on the skin and gets nicely absorbed. Its light gel formula makes skin clear and oil free. It makes skin smooth and soft. It also adds a nice glow to my skin. This gel also needs to be rinsed off.

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Step 3. Pearl Massage Cream
The massage cream has a medium creamy consistency and feels light on the skin. It glides easily but as a cream it dries out a little during massage. This problem can be solved by using rose water along with this cream. I always love to massage my skin in a proper way. After massaging my face for 10-15 minutes, I remove all the excess product from my face with a cotton wipe. The massage cream gives a soft, supple, and smooth skin and it helps to improve the skin texture too. It instantly makes my skin tight and healthy.

Step 4. Pearl Face Pack
The final step is the face pack. The pearl face pack comes in a medium creamy consistency, which glides smoothly on my skin. A decent amount of the product is required to cover up my full face. It takes time to dry out properly and the consistency is a little thin. I usually prefer to keep it on for 15 minutes and then I rinse it off with normal water. It makes my skin bright and healthy. It instantly makes my skin soft and fresh.

Overall, all the products work fine and have never irritated my skin. This facial kit has a nice, mild but pleasant scent. This is a proper facial kit and I like all the products. This kit never makes my skin oily, but it is not hydrating enough for dry skin.

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It does not give dramatic results like it claims still I like this kit. It can’t provide “shimmering brightness” but this facial kit provides a fresh and healthy looking skin instantly. It makes skin soft and smooth. The glow looks nice on my tanned skin. Also, the products suit my sensitive skin well. It also tightens up my skin and makes it look youthful. It is definitely a nice option for that instant glow for parties, but the glow doesn’t stay on for long. The radiant look hardly stays for 1-2 days. Also, I haven’t seen any changes in my dark spots and the kit cannot lighten my skin tone.


Pros of Banjara’s Pearl Facial Kit:

• Travel-friendly tube packaging
• Affordable
• 2 facials can be done with one kit
• Very pleasant smell
• All the products are easy to use
• Makes skin soft, smooth, and clean
• Does not make my skin oily
• Provides a healthy glow to dull face
• Makes skin bright and fresh
• Has never broken me out
• Works perfect as an instant glow kit

Cons of Banjara’s Pearl Facial Kit:

• The glow doesn’t stay on for long
• Cannot lighten skin tone and cannot reduce dark spots
• Not hydrating enough for dry skin
• You need to be gentle while using the scrub

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Banjara’s Pearl Facial Kit?
It works well to impart a glow. I will love to try it again as an instant glow kit. If you have normal to oily skin, you can also give it a try.

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