Banjara’s Premium Papaya Water Review

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I so love winter as I can snuggle up all day long unlike scorching summers! The heat is way too unbearable these days. Anyway, today’s product is from Banjara’s. I got a few more products from Banjara’s as the first product I got fared well for me. Let us see how this one works.

Banjara's Premium Papaya Water Review

Product Description:

Banjara's Premium Papaya Water Review

INR 50 for 60ml.

Shelf life:
2 years

My Experience with Banjara’s Premium Papaya Water:

I had gone to buy a bottle of rose water as mine had got finished when I found this beside the rose water bottle. I was quite intrigued by the idea of using papaya water and got this one instead. The product comes in a transparent bottle with an orange colored screw cap. The packaging is travel friendly. The mouth of the bottle has a seal in which a hole is present through which the product dispenses. This way the amount can be controlled, which is a good thing.

Banjara's Premium Papaya Water Review

The water has an orange tone to it when seen from the bottle. It has a strong fragrance that is not at all welcoming. It has some sweet aroma and I am not a big fan of sweet fragrances. The aroma is nowhere near papaya, but smells like some headache inducing scent. The good part is that the fragrance fades away very soon.

Banjara's Premium Papaya Water Review

I use this as a cleanser, a toner and with face packs, instead of normal water. When used with a cotton ball and applied to the face, it gives a calming effect and the skin feels soothed. It imparts a fresh glow to the skin too. Skin feels supple and nourished after use. It works well with face packs too, except for the strong fragrance. It absolutely removes all the traces of dirt and oil from the skin, not to forget the dead skin cells. The pores are also cleansed. I am very impressed with the results it has given me in just a week. I have that it has given my skin a glow and also some of my tan has got removed! I might think of using this on my arms too now! 😀

Banjara's Premium Papaya Water Review

Pros of Banjara’s Premium Papaya Water:

• Packaging is simple and convenient.
• Decently priced.
• It is a good substitute for rose water and can be used when you’re bored of rose water.
• It leaves skin feeling fresh and relaxed.
• Nourishes the skin and makes it supple.
• It has papaya oil extracts that is known to work wonders to make the skin glow.
• It works well with face packs, when used in place of normal water.
• Removes dirt, dead skin cells and oil from skin.

Cons of Banjara’s Premium Papaya Water:

• The fragrance is bothersome, though it does not linger for long.
• Complete ingredient list is kept in the dark. This is my only issue with Banjara’s products.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Banjara’s Premium Papaya Water?
This is a very good alternative for rose water and shows superb results with regular use. The fragrance is a turn off, but I guess my nose will get used to it. 😀 This will surely be a staple in my shelf and I am definitely getting this again.

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  1. I have never heard of papaya water…I am definitely going to get this once the rose water I have gets over! 🙂

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