Banjara’s Shikakai Wet N Wash Natural Hair Wash Review

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I have tried a lot of hair products but somehow my experience with Ayurvedic products wasn’t as  good! After having heard a lot about how efficiently shikakai works for hair, I got a soap and a shampoo few years ago but oh my God, it just destroyed my hair! It made them so thick and rough and I just threw those products away. But recently, I came across this thing which was made up of Shikakai and seemed pretty decent, so I got it home. Let’s see whether this worked or was  a waste like the other products I tried earlier!

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Price: Rs 100 for 100 g

Product description:
Banjara’s shikakai paste “fruit for hair” is a natural paste and an excellent cleanser. It detangles the hair and works as a natural conditioner. It naturally removes the dirt and excess oil accumulated on the scalp.
Directions of use: Gently massage the paste into the scalp and hair using your fingertips. Allow the paste to remain on scalp for 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water.

My experience with Banjara’s Shikakai Wet N Wash Natural Hair Wash:

Banjara’s shikakai wash comes in an inverted white tube packaging which is light in weight and travel-friendly too. It has a flip-open cap and a small hole which gives us the needed product. It looked pretty decent but when I opened it, I could smell a strong herbal fragrance which I totally disliked. It smells very strong and the fragrance stays after the wash too, which is disgusting. We do not even have an option to disperse the smell since nothing needs to be used after this. The paste is dark muddy brown in colour and has some small herbal particles which we have in our herbal powders for hair. The paste is very muddy and thick, hence it becomes difficult to apply because it is very dry. And during application, due to the dry consistency I lost many strands of hair due to pulling. I applied it and massaged it on the scalp.

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It was pretty heavy on the scalp but it did not irritate my scalp. After keeping it undisturbed, I washed it off with water. I had to remove the gunk very carefully because it was totally stuck to the scalp hence I had to rinse it off for a long time so that my hair were clean and all the product came off. My hair felt a  thicker than usual. It definitely made my hair soft and silky, my hair were shining a lot too. Overall, the effects were good and my hair xcondition improved since it was treating the damage and making the hair ends look soft and healthy.

But on the next day, my hair started to look a little greasy and oily. The shaft was perfect but the scalp looked flat with a greasy film. I don’t why this happened but it happens all the time. Adding to it, my hair is limp and thin and this greasy film made it look worse. The most annoying thing is that the product doesn’t come off and wash off soon, you have to keep on rubbing your fingers in your scalp and hair for 5-6 minutes for the product to come off. Hence concluding, I would say that it wasn’t a really good experience with this paste;  it would be better if we stick to our homemade hair masks to naturally treat the hair.

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Pros of Banjara’s Shikakai Wet N Wash Natural Hair Wash:

-Affordable and travel-friendly
-Contains natural ingredients like shikakai which works great to improve the health of the hair
-It did make my hair soft and silky and improved the damaged hair

Cons of Banjara’s Shikakai Wet N Wash Natural Hair Wash:

-The quantity is less since it can be used only a couple of times
-It is very thick hence becomes uneasy to apply on the scalp
-It has a strong herbal smell which isn’t pleasing at all
-It is very muddy and causes a lot of pulling of hair during application which causes hairfall.
-It did not completely detangle my hair
-My hair looked a bit greasy on the very next day and it was more noticeable since I have thin hair.
-It has to be cleaned very nicely or the paste sticks to the hair which will cause build up soon
-Not easily available

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Will I recommend/repurchase Banjara’s Shikakai Wet N Wash Natural Hair Wash?
No I wouldn’t! It wasn’t that great and it is pretty inconvenient to use. I don’t know why but it felt very heavy on the hair. Rather, I would use some home remedies which work effectively instead of this. My last word would be to skip this one!

IMBB Rating: 2/5

Shikakai somehow has never worked for me. My hair are already thin and I do not want such products to cause more hair-fall and reduce the volume. Hence, it would be better for us to stay away from this in my case.

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