Barbara Hofmann Blush Brush Review

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Today’s review is about Barbara Hofmann Blush brush. Barbara Hofmann is a German company and has close to 30 years of experience in makeup brushes. They claim to produce high quality products. They also claim to use the finest material as well as careful manual processing thereby delivering high quality cosmetic brushes. Read further to find out if they really do.

Barbara Hofmann Blush Brush Review1

Product Description:
Barbara Hofmann Limited produces and sells high-quality cosmetic brushes and cosmetic accessories. We give the greatest attention to constant high-quality, the finest materials and careful workmanship of our products which are partly hand-made.

€  10 approximately 750 INR

Plastic handle and synthetic bristles.

My Experience with Barbara Hofmann Blush Brush:

Barbara Hofmann Blush Brush Review

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I am always careful while applying blushes. Often, I am worried that I might end up looking like a clown. 😀 The trick I finally learnt is to apply as little as possible to get the shade, but never to overdo. It is also important to have the right brush(es) to blend it with other products on the skin. I was not really satisfied with the one I owned, so picked up this one. Thanks to IMBB, for the sponsorship. 😉

Barbara Hofmann Blush Brush Review2

Regarding the packaging, it has a plastic handle bottom, which is transparent. It comes in a transparent protective cover which is of not much use. The brush has a slanted bristles that make application of the blush easy. The bristles of the brush are synthetic. I prefer synthetic ones as it’s much easier to clean. It’s soft and feels extremely lovely on the skin. Even my 2 little boys enjoyed it on their face. 😉

Barbara Hofmann Blush Brush Review3

They don’t prick or irritate the skin. The bristles pick up the right amount of blush. I still tap it once before applying onto my face. The amount of bristles is just right. The one I had earlier has a little too less and was making blending a little difficult. The handle of the brush is sturdy and little thick which makes it easy to hold and also blend. I usually blend using circular motions. A few circles and then am good to go. I have washed the brush once and didn’t see any fallout during the cleaning process, or even after that. For the price, it’s a very good deal. I have seen makeup artists in Germany using this brush.

Barbara Hofmann Blush Brush Review4

Pros of Barbara Hofmann Blush Brush:

• Super soft bristles
• Easy to hold, and also to apply
• Picks up the right amount of product
• High quality

Barbara Hofmann Blush Brush Review5

Cons of Barbara Hofmann Blush Brush:

• Availability in India

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase Barbara Hofmann Blush Brush?
I believe the brush would last a very very long time. I would definitely like to try their other brushes.

Would I Recommend Barbara Hofmann Blush Brush?
For sure! It’s not very expensive when compared to high end brushes. But, it definitely delivers what high end brushes can.

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