Barbara Hofmann Powder Brush Review

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Today’s review is about Barbara Hofmann Powder Brush.

Barbara Hofmann Powder Brush Review

Price: €20
Product Description: Perfect for applying loose powder, bronzer or glitter. Barbara Hofmann powder brush from pure synthetic high-tech hair with finest lace. Very flexible and tender.
Ingredients: Plastic handle and synthetic bristles

Barbara Hofmann Powder Brush Description

My Experience with Barbara Hofmann Powder Brush:

I have a few Barbara Hofmann brushes, and I am totally satisfied with their quality. So I wanted to try a few more. Here is the review of one of their powder brushes. I already own the Barbara Hofmann Blush Brush and use it every day. I use blushes with no shimmer for everyday office wear. But, during the weekends, I prefer to use the ones with shimmer. So it was difficult to manage with just one blush brush since I had to wash it every Sunday to get the shimmers out and to make it suitable for matte blushes.

Barbara Hofmann Powder Brush Packaging

This product has a small wooden handle which is round and easy to hold. It looks very attractive on the vanity. The bristles are synthetic. I prefer synthetic ones as they are much easier to clean and also keep you away from allergies. Animal hair in brushes cause allergies and have to be provided best care. I am so glad this is not animal hair. The bristles are soft and feel good on the skin. They don’t prick or irritate the skin.

Barbara Hofmann Powder Brush Back

I usually swipe the brush on the blush twice or so, and then tap off to drop out the excess product. The bristles pick up the right amount of my blushes. I can easily dab the blush with the help of this brush on my cheeks till I reach the expected shade. I do not go in circular motion as it could remove base makeup.

Barbara Hofmann Powder Brush Bristles

The bristles are dense and tightly packed, so I never need to go back to pick up more product. I have washed the brush once just to check the fallout and didn’t see any during the cleaning process, or even after that. The brush is suitable for applying loose powder, bronzer and blush, making it a multipurpose brush. I have used it only to apply blush till now. I can totally see myself carrying it to my next vacation and using it as a multipurpose brush. Overall, I am totally satisfied with the product. Glad that I chose to buy this brush, and thanks to IMBB for sponsoring it.

Barbara Hofmann Powder Brush

Pros of Barbara Hofmann Powder Brush:

• Super soft bristles
• Synthetic hair
⦁ No allergies due to synthetic hair
⦁ Easy to care
⦁ Multipurpose (can be used for loose powder, bronzer, glitter and blush)
⦁ No shedding of bristles
• Easy to hold and use
• Picks up the right amount of product
• High quality

Cons of Barbara Hofmann Powder Brush:

⦁ Availability in India
⦁ Slightly expensive

IMBB Rating: 4.9/5
Would I Repurchase Barbara Hofmann Powder Brush?
I would definitely buy a similar one, but not the same one. I am totally satisfied with the product. I love to try different products. This one will last me a lifetime.
Would I Recommend Barbara Hofmann Powder Brush?
For sure. This one is a good investment piece. It’s worth the price and will last a lifetime if you take good care of it.

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