Barbara Hofmann Redwood Series Eyeshadow Brush Review

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Today’s review is about Barbara Hofmann Eyeshadow Brush from the Redwood series. Barbara Hofmann brushes have around 5 different series which vary in quality as well as cost. The brush I am reviewing today is from the vegan Redwood series, which is in the intermediate range in terms of price and quality.

Barbara Hofmann Redwood Series Eyeshadow Brush Review

Product Description:
Eyeshadow brush, oval, flat, short, synthetic hair.

This aesthetically outstanding series attracts attention with its softly veined reddish-brown wooden handles combined with silk-mat finished, silver-coloured clamps and appears unique and extraordinary.

With the extremely soft and tastefully shaded brush hair that consists of synthetic high-tech fibres, skilfully bundled to extremely smooth brushes, this series looks precious and timeless with a very tender haptic touch.

No animal hair is used for these brushes. Therefore it is an entirely
vegan line that is especially applicable for allergic persons.

€5 (approximately INR 350)

My Experience with Barbara Hofmann Redwood Series Eyeshadow Brush:

The brush, as you can see from the pictures, is red in color. The red handle is from redwood with metal clasps. The handle of the brush is of right length (17cms) and thickness. It’s very comfortable to handle and use.

eyeshadow brush

The bristles are white at the base and grey at the tip. The bristles are 100% synthetic. The advantage of synthetic brushes is that these are ease to maintain. I have washed it a few times now and till now have noticed no shedding. The fact that the bristles are synthetic makes it allergy free too. The bristles are not very dense, not very scarce. They are just enough but tightly packed. The head of the brush is flat making it perfect for application.

This particular brush is little smaller in area and hence needs more than one stroke to cover the entire eyelid. The brush doesn’t pick up excess amount of product. The advantage with white or grey bristles is that you can see how much product has been picked by your brush and can tap it off in case it’s too much.


I use this particular brush to apply the base color or sometimes to tap on some shimmer right at the center of my eyelids. I don’t use the brush regularly as I feel with a bigger brush it gets faster. I tend to use it in case other brushes are dirty or during weekends when I want to use eyeshadow with shimmer. I prefer not to mix matte and shimmery eyeshadows, hence use different brushes.

The brush also feels extremely soft on the eyelids during application and doesn’t prick the sensitive area of the eye. I love the way it feels on my skin. Overall, I am satisfied with the product. It’s totally worth the money.


Pros of Barbara Hofmann Redwood Series Eyeshadow Brush:

• Not expensive
• Picks up the right quantity of product
• Synthetic bristles
• Tightly packed bristles
• 100% vegan
• Suitable for sensitive/allergic people (as no animal hair is used)

Cons of Barbara Hofmann Redwood Series Eyeshadow Brush:

• Since the brush is little small, I don’t prefer it for base eyeshadow

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase Barbara Hofmann Redwood Series Eyeshadow Brush?
These brushes will last a very long time and I don’t see a need to buy the same brush again. It’s also not a must-have brush.

Would I Recommend Barbara Hofmann Redwood Series Eyeshadow Brush?
This is not a must-have brush, but a nice one to have. If you love using different brushes for different things, then give it a go. 😉 It’s not expensive, but is of good quality.

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