Bare Essentials Premium Mask Sponge Review

Bare Essentials Premium Mask Sponge

Hi everybody,

I am on a serious high maintenance phase these days- proper diet, running, day skin care, night skin care, spa appointments etc. I want to utilise all the spare time in taking care of my body. I hope I am able to keep this up always.

Anyways, today’s review is on another online purchase of mine. I used to find removal of face packs a mess with cotton or otherwise. So I thought I’ll buy this. Read on to know more about this sponge.


Price: INR 130

Product description: Perfect for liquid foundation cleansing. Cellulose is a natural product derived from plant fibres mainly cotton. Sponge pads are designed for better grip and handling. Fine delicate texture for a smooth even finish. The Bare Essentials sponge Pad is excellent for removing make up and cleansing the skin of liquid, cream, powder & Stick Foundation. Dampen sponge before use.

My experience with Bare Essentials Premium Mask Sponge:

This sponge is a huge one and has two surfaces- one which is a corrugated kind of surface with small and large holes and one at the back which is towel surface and has a holding elastic belt. The corrugated surface is intended to be used on the face but I have tried using both the surfaces. 😛

The holed surface is neither very rough nor soft like a towel. It is just apt to be swiped on the face, to remove things and still not to cause any irritation. In the description, it says that you can remove makeup and various kinds of foundation. I do not use foundations, so I have tried removing eye makeup with this one (one which is not waterproof) and I found it to be very effective. I mainly use it for removing face packs. Earlier, with plain water or cotton, it took a lot of time and was messy. With this everything comes off with a single swipe. I make the sponge a little wet before use and then clear off things from my face. After use I rinse it nicely with water. Squeeze the extra water and let it air dry.


After my first use, the sponge shrunk on drying and lost its shape. I was disappointed big time but when I used it the second time, it regained the shape on getting wet. It worked just fine then. So basically it gets shrunk and distorted every time it dries but works fine the next time we wet and use it. Using it with the opposite surface also worked quite well. The towel surface is softer than the former one.

So overall I found it very useful and it takes off every single bit of makeup and mask in 1-2 swipes.

Pros of Bare Essentials Premium Mask Sponge:

• Sponge took off all my eye makeup in 1-2 swipes.
• It takes off any mask from the face in single swipe.
• It does not make the process messy in any way.
• The corrugated surface is neither too soft nor too rough.
• The towel surface can also be used at times; it is softer than the other surface.
• The elastic strip handle makes it easy to be handled.
• Can be cleaned after use with water alone.
• Good quality cellulose used in manufacture.
• It says it cleanses all the liquid foundation with much ease.


Cons of Bare Essentials Premium Mask Sponge:

• Shrinks and gets distorted after drying.

Imbb rating: 4/5

Repurchase: Yes I will. I found it very useful in removing even the most bothersome masks.

Recommendation: Yes I do recommend this one.

Until next time, take care!

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  1. I had a variation of this, I used to have a tough time making it soft, and one day it tore *cry* I will get this one now. Did you get hold of that dry brush?

  2. very useful pdt sahiba….ws looking for something to ease the removal of mask. *happydance* now i knw wht to shop. *thankyou* for review…btw ur nail paint is so awsome *drool* …which one is tht pls share….

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