Bare Minerals Double Ended Perfect Fill Lip Brush Review

Lip texture: Normal dry, mild pigmentation

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Hope all of you are doing great! I am here to share another beauty purchase with you all from our much loved brand “Bare Minerals”. We all know importance of having a lip brush in our stash; I own handful of lip brushes from different brands yet I obsess for new launched lip brushes lol Probably it tells my obsession for lip makeup as well; I always prefer doing lips over eye makeup. So Bare Minerals launched this portable, retractable, travel friendly and such smart concept of dual ended lip brush lately and considering the price I had to get it that’s what I always do right 😉 Let’s read more about Bare Minerals Double Ended Perfect Fill Lip Brush!

Bare Minerals Double Ended Perfect Fill Lip Brush 10

Price: $20 for one synthetic fiber brush, exclusive of shipping & tax

Bare Minerals Double Ended Perfect Fill Lip Brush price

What it is:
A lip brush with synthetic fibers for concealing and blending lip color.
What it does:
This dual-ended brush makes tricky lip color application easy. Designed with synthetic fibers that won’t absorb saturated pigments, it swipes on full-coverage color. One end has a slim brush for controlled definition and precision lining. At the other end, a fuller brush delivers more color to swiftly fill in your lips. Its hand-shaped, scooped design hugs and caresses the curves of lips for perfect application. A retractable cover and protective cap keep the brush ends in tip-top shape.

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My Experience with Bare Minerals Double Ended Perfect Fill Lip Brush:

Bare Minerals Double Ended Perfect Fill Lip Brush 1

I totally loved the concept of incorporating thin brush and fluffy broad brush in one sleek, smart pen packaging. Interestingly the thin brush end is retractable while thicker end brush has safety cap making it a portable, easy to carry pen.The packaging might make you believe it is a portable, travel size version of lip brush, but not to worry once you click down the retractable end you see the perfect length to work with.

Bare Minerals Double Ended Perfect Fill Lip Brush 2

The lining brush which is thin and firm enough to hold bit pressure works perfect for lining or applying concealer around lip area. While the fluffy arched brush end helps in filling in lip colors/glosses easily. I find it really handy for working with intense pigmented lip colors and/or creamy lipsticks especially when I forget using lip liners. It gives me precise or (I must say) picture perfect shaped lips without using a lip liner; I can use any formula, finish lipstick to line and fill my lips. And this makes sense to me as I am not an organized girl to pack matching liners, glosses and lip colors all the time 😛 I travel a lot (short distances) and hence I cannot always keep tab of liners/glosses etc in my stash and that’s when I need these brushes to make my life one step easy.

Bare Minerals Double Ended Perfect Fill Lip Brush 3

As I mentioned earlier, the thin brush head has firm grip fibers which does not sway or fray while lining lips or brushing concealer along/on lip area. In fact, I always get perfect lined lips with its tapered end brush head while the fluffy end brush helps in reaching every nook and corner of my lips without transferring or feathering the color off lips. It has arched shape which easily hugs my lips contours and makes it easy to color even the narrower edges of my lips.

Bare Minerals Double Ended Perfect Fill Lip Brush 5

I can also wear bold lip colors while using this arched brush end to tone down the shade on my skin tone as it just imparts feather light pigmented finish on lips making it tad bit lighter than original shade that too without emphasizing lip lines and/or dry patches. Considering it has synthetic fibers it is further impressive to see that it picks apt amount of color to fill in and line our lips with no streaky or patchy lines just saturated even tone finish.

Bare Minerals Double Ended Perfect Fill Lip Brush 9

It can even make worst of worst formula glosses and lipsticks to look perfect on our lips with their smooth, saturated finish. Moreover I find them soft enough to let go minor dryness on my lips as they never aggravate or accentuate my dry normal lips. I never find them irritating or feeling itchy for my skin or lips. I am also impressed to see that the brush never shed bristles while working and/or post washing session and I have used it several times in these 1-2 weeks followed by washing. It is a low maintenance and high quality brush available at affordable cheap price to make our lip makeup session bliss totally. I would definitely love to get it again.

Let’s sum up pros and cons:

Pros of Bare Minerals Double Ended Perfect Fill Lip Brush:

• A synthetic fiber brush with dual end brush fibers.
• Pretty soft and non-scratchy for our delicate lips.
• Does not accentuate or aggravate dry lips.
• Thinner brush head perfect for lining lips.
• Does not sway or fray while lining lips or applying concealer.
• Gives neat & precisely lined lips with any creamy/glossy formula.
• The fluffy, arched lip brush end ensures even filling.
• It has perfect arched shape to reach every nook & corner of lips.
• Ensures smooth, saturated finish even along contoured or narrower lip areas.
• Non-streaky smooth and even tone finish regardless of using lipsticks/lip glosses and/or liquid lip colors.
• Quite travel friendly and affordable cheap price.

Cons of Bare Minerals Double Ended Perfect Fill Lip Brush:

• None.

As of now for the performance and price I can’t really think of nays; just that it is not a necessity if you already own similar lip brushes. While beauties who love to play with different beauty tool would love to own this all in one piece. I will rate it 5/5!

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