bareMinerals Blooming Blush Brush Review

Hello beauties,
Hope all of you are enjoying your days! Today I am here to share my first blush brush purchase from bareMinerals with you all from. I do own another face brush set from Revlon (will review shortly) but after I found myself comfortable with blushes and foundations I had to get something near to perfect tool for achieving that natural flush on cheeks. I am pretty happy with this Allure award winning blush brush as of now. So let’s read more about it.


Price: $24, for one piece of brush, excludes shipping and taxes

blooming blush brush
Product Description:
Totally unassuming, yet highly engineered, this cutting-edge blush brush was 15 prototypes in the making. Its densely packed fibers deliver beautiful color payoff, while the intricate 3D design works triple duty. The angled shape chisels cheekbones, the domed tip diffuses and softens edges, and the flared sides sweep over a wider surface area for color that looks like it’s blooming from within.
Use best with: Blushes, bronzers and face color

My Experience with bareMinerals Blooming Blush Brush:

The brush comprises densely packed natural fibers with round edges yet maintaining angled shape in an aluminum handle. I would have appreciated a decent pouch or box to hold this brush unlike how they simply pack it in temporary packing. Nevertheless, it is pretty user friendly and travel friendly brush.

brush head

I am quite impressed by the sturdy built of this brush and its soft bristles so far. However, I do see that it sheds fibers while washing sometimes though it maintains its fluffy shape post wash. It has the perfect length to make the right grip while working on cheeks while it easily fits inside my clutch. I have used it endless times since I bought it like for practicing as well as real grooming sessions and it never disappointed me even one time. I am also impressed by its light-weight soft bristles which never feel rough or scratchy on my sensitive skin though I have seen and worked with much softer brushes. I mean this feels soft on my skin but it is not like feather soft brush; it is pretty light-weight if that interests you! It never accentuates my acne prone skin or has caused any itching on my skin so far. In fact it applies seamlessly and I feel my skin literally blooms from within. I tried using it with powder blushes both matte as well as shimmery finish shades and I was amazed to see how it totally changed my perception for shimmery blushes.

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brush with blush

I even mentioned in my previous Laura Geller baked color true blush “catalina” review that this shade is so shimmery warm pink which can easily get a pass unless we have the right tool and the right tool can also be this Blooming Brush! It has round edges which pick the right color while the angled flare effortlessly sweeps and distributes even color on my skin with no streaky or patchy finish. Every time I use this brush I feel like I am becoming confident with blushes as I see that nice subtle flush of color and it always forgives minute mistakes of applying too much color sometimes.

brush sideways

I used to swirl this brush too much in the blush pan but it picks ample product in just one gentle touch. It easily helps with blending or sweeping the product away from cheeks towards hair line so that I can know how much coverage or intensity I seek. However, the pigmentation also depends upon blush texture.

brush fibers

I also used it a couple of times for face contouring and it simply gave me airbrush finish with the powder bronzer. I am still a beginner for face contouring but whenever I tried with this brush, it gave me pretty decent results. It is just that people who are into contouring completely might find it bit decent for this task but beginners like me who are getting comfortable with the light sweep of golden contouring bronzers will like it. I am yet to use it with creamy bronzers but I see that it easily blends my liquid and creamy blushes.

Pros of bareMinerals Blooming Blush Brush:

• Sturdy make and apt length.
• A light-weight, dense dome-shaped brush comprising natural fibers maintaining an angled shape.
• The fibers are softer and light-weight on my skin.
• The fibers are quite sturdy and maintain the fluffy shape even though they shed while washing sometimes.
• It never caused itching, scratching or irritation on my acne-prone.
• The dome round shape of brush picks ample amount of blush and/or face products in just one gentle touch.
• It effortlessly blends even shimmery or satin finish blushes in just 2-3 strokes.

• It gives me decent contoured finish with bronzers.
• The brush gives streak-free, non-patchy finish with every blush and bronzer I have tried so far.
• Suitable for beginners as well as makeup pros for perfect results and air brush finish.

Cons of bareMinerals Blooming Blush Brush:

• It does shed bristles while washing.
• Bristles might seem bit softer and fluffy for contouring .

IMBB Rating: 4.6/5

Would I Recommend/Repurchase bareMinerals Blooming Blush Brush?
I will definitely recommend this brush to beginners (especially) as well as makeup pros while I would certainly get it again. Well as far as shedding of fibers is concerned, I am still fine with it as long as it maintains its fluffy soft shape and helps with blending and applying blushes/bronzers which it does nearly perfectly. I might need another brush once I get skilled with face contouring; till then, this will serve me well.

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