Basic Eye Makeup Tips

Tired and exhausted your eyes show one of the earliest signs of aging. The skin around our eyes is the thinnest and thus the fine lines start appearing early. So eye makeup can be quite a tricky business. But when well done it can take years off your face, and give you that mature mystery.

Dos’  in Basic Eye Makeup

  • Well-defined brows give an instant lift and definition to your eyes. So brush them up and make a nice arch.
  • Mix concealer with the highlighter and apply underneath your eyes.The concealer will cover up the dark circles, whereas the highlighter will reflect the light.
  • As we age the eye corners tend to droop. Give them a lift! Take a liner; swing it up a bit at the outer corner of upper lash line and finish off with a slight upward tilt.
  • Open up your eyes with a curler and mascara. Lashes get drier and sparse as we age. For full looking lashes curl them up and then coat your upper lash with blackest black mascara.
  • Your eye will look bigger and younger.
  • Use a neutral shade as an eye shadow base before putting on any colour.
  • Stick to natural earth tones, and muted pastels.

Don’ts in Basic Eye Makeup

  • Avoid pencil thin or overly bushy eyebrows.
  • Never wear liquid liner on the bottom eye line.
  • Refrain from heavy eye make.
  • Avoid super thick mascaras, as they do not separate easily

We Say

Use green tea bags, cotton balls soaked in chilled rose water and use anti wrinkle eye creams to soothe your tired and puffy eyes. Getting 8-hour sleep is a must for keeping eyes fresh. Before you put on any makeup apply a refreshing eye gel – a drop each – into the eyes to get bright looking pupils.


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  1. Divija,

    I am so busy with work that I barely get an 8 hour sleep. This blog is just a recluse from all my hectic work life. No matter what I apply, I don’t think I will ever get rid of my dark circles.

    And yes , it was a shoker for me as well. I hope olive oil helps…

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