How To: Winged Eye Liner Video Tutorial

Hi everyone… hope u all had a lovely day… I know I took for ever to make this winged eyeliner video… but I guess its better to be late then never…hehehe I have given detailed instructions in the video but if in case audio quality is not good or if you can’t understand what I am saying, I’ll put in writing all the steps :

BASIC RULE: Always follow your natural eye shape. We all have different eye shapes and colour.



  • Step 1 : Following your lower lash line draw a straight line starting from the end of your lower lash line towards your eyebrow. (never go beyond your eyebrow)
  • Step 2 : From the point where u stopped, draw another line going towards your upper lash line, How To,  forming a triangle on the outer corner.
  • Step 3 : Now, with small strokes start lining your eyes and join the triangle.
  • Step 4 : Fill in your triangle and even out all the lines.


  • if u are not comfortable with carrying bold winged liner try making a smaller triangle as per your comfort.
  • If u want you can liner your lower lid as well (I skipped kajal and lining lower lid as i have light eye colour.. 🙂 )

Hope it was helpful. See u soon !! Love and hugs !!

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34 thoughts on “How To: Winged Eye Liner Video Tutorial

  1. hi deeptima.this vid is really helpful. i always have problem with liquid and gel eye liners therefore i stopped buying them.i will try this trick & i hope it works with me. thx 4 the video tutorial & i m looking forward to more video tutorials by ppl here so that beginners may learn how 2 use a particular stuff.

    1. thnx ritu….
      cnt say which liner is easier to apply… ppl feel tht felt tip liners are more convenient… its just about pratice… try using gel liners with an angular or say angled brush….

  2. Wow! You are really good at this. Loved the video & now I am feeling inspired too to try out this style. Good video 😀

  3. I do the exact same steps…except that I do a smaller and sharper wing 😉 Nice video..Try to see if they have any good notes online to do a voice over for the videos..if theres a way to filter out background noises , the video would be even better..Great attempt..Continue doing more 🙂

  4. Wow… Really gr8 video Deeptima…

    You know, I was obsessed with this winged eye look in college…
    I used to do it everyday till someone asked me if i was a Bharatnatyam dancer!!!! :blush: :blush: :blush:

    Now i know better than to do it everyday.. But I love this look to death… And you make it look so much easier… Gr8 job…

    1. oh.. m happy u liked it Mrunmayee… i like ur name… 🙂

      Bharatnatyam dancer liner their eyes very well… its looks good with all those classy eye movements…hehehe…

    1. m not Bengali … they have big black eyes… i love black eyes… hehehehe..

      actually my Name is Bengali but m not…hehehe :rotfl:

  5. that was totally helpful..and guys..does anyone know what happend to jomol??i know kirti is busy with work and wedding preperations..but jomol??she has gone gayab!!

  6. can’t thank you enuf for this Deeptima…. :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

    will try this and send u pics….

    Rati, I thought asking you about Jomol, Priyanka and Ki (I know she’s too busy with her wedding)and look Fathima’s is already asking….miss them and their natkat stuff

    1. oh plz dnt thnk me !!!
      u liked the look , its more then enough …

      yesterday i talked to Jomol on facebook… she is sooo swt !! :-* :-*

      and even Kirti is soo sweet !!! :-* :-*

  7. Hey Deeptima…your video made it look soo easy but I am sure you need lots of practice you get it perfectly right and balanced in both the eyes

  8. Hey Deeptima 😉 ,
    really helpful video.I m an real enemy or rather the eyeliner is the enemy of me :spank: .I jst cant mean cant line eye evr wid liquid eye liner.Aftr seeing ur vd i practised nt perfetcly bt i got it :yahoo: :yahoo: .but i would use a pencil eye liner to do it yahoo it looked really very nice.I m new to IMBB n catching up all old reviews n post thnks for doin this . :heart: :high5:

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