Basic Fashion Tips and Tricks

Hi ladies,
In today’s post let’s talk about some tips and tricks that will always help you dress better all the time and will never let you look OTT or drab! Let’s get started.
fashion tips

Make a list before you shop:

10 wearable and interchangeable pieces are so much better than a closet full of useless clothes. Always make a list and shop accordingly. Do not go for every first thing that catches your attention. Investing in classic staple outfits will go a long way in shaping your everyday outfits without any hassles.

Embrace your shape:

body shapes
It doesn’t matter which body shape you have or how tall you are, there are so many options out there that will suit your liking and your body shape. You just need to find them and dress accordingly. Dressing according to your body shape is like half battle won!

Know what to bare and when:

Baring your body parts all at once will make you look crass! Dress up according to the event and choose one body part that you want to show off! It could be the shoulders, cleavage, legs or midriff. Don’t bare them all at once. Maintain a balance when it comes to flaunting your body parts.

Spend your budget on accessories:

Accessories are so important and crucial when it comes to dressing up. If your outfit is simple then adding a statement jewellery piece can do wonders for that outfit. Right accessories keep the outfit interesting and really help to elevate the overall look and feel of it.

Conquer your fear of color:

You are not only playing it safe but also boring when you wear certain family of colours almost every day. While it is completely ok to have comfort clothing item but it never hurts to try different colours and styles. Take it slow and try incorporating little bursts of colours in the form of accessories to your outfits and you will be comfortable with colours in no time.

Make friends with a good tailor:

good tailor
Perfectly tailored clothes can raise the quality of any outfit so well. While ill fitted clothes make you look bloated and sloppy, fitted clothes make you look all sharp and ready to take on the world. Fitting makes all the difference when it comes to dressing up.

Have some classic items handy:

A classic trench, well fitted blazer, a little red dress, a string of pearls, nude pumps, pencil skirt and a versatile white shirt will help to shape so many outfits when you are in hurry. Always go for the best ones when you are shopping for those and never compromise on the quality.

Mix your prints well:

mix prints
You can think of a world beyond neutrals! Try to mix and match various prints and textures and you might get a new outfit every time! Never shy away from trying different prints, if you are a beginner then try with stripes, florals and polka dots.

Create your own lookbook:

Well you anyway follow many lookbooks on the internet then why not make your own! You can experiment with different items of clothing that you have and try to mix and match and take a snap of them. You will be able to make out which looks work better and which looks don’t! This practice will always save you time when you are in a hurry and want to put together a stunning outfit.

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