Basic Instinct Sheer Mist by Victoria’s Secret Review

Hello ladies!
Today I am going to review a body mist by Victoria’s secret; which was a gift from an aunt in the states.
victorias secret basic instinct sheer mist

About The Brand

Victoria’s Secret is an American retailer of women’s wear, lingerie and beauty products. It is the largest segment of publicly-traded Limited Brands with sales surpassing $5 billion USD and an operating income of $1 billion in 2006. Victoria’s Secret is known for its annual fashion show, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, and for its catalogs, both of which feature top fashion models.

About the Product

Basic Instinct body mist by Victoria`s Secret is a Floral Fruity fragrance for women. Basic Instinct was launched in 2004. The fragrance features apricot, tuberose, gardenia, plum, patchouli, Turkish rose and vanilla. For the woman who always acts on impulse.
victorias secret basic instinct sheer mist
(I have compared it with body shop lotion bottle so you can compare the size).

I have been using Victoria’s secret Basic Instinct Sheer Mist since last 3 weeks and have fallen completely in love with this product. This smells heavenly.hmmm. Basic Instinct is an incredible fragrance, and its name is so befitting! It is like taking a walk through an exotic garden, at dusk, after the rain, in a silk, spaghetti-strapped full-length sundress that blows in the spring breeze. This garden is luscious. It is sweet (never sickeningly). It is romantic with its invitation to the sexy darkness. It is even fresh and soothing. The plum gives BI its dark juiciness. Just below that, it seems, lie gardenias, white, crisp, and fragrant. This seems mellowed by the relaxing apricot and vanilla. The tuberose and patchouli “ground” it all in blatant sensuality. This fragrance is feminine, and, like the silk sundress, not at all shies about being sexy. It’s message is clear…this is not for the timid or the inhibited. Basic Instinct spells “seduction”, and not in a “nice-girl” kind of way. It is dark, juicy, and unapologetically alluring. At the same time, it is classy and clear. It lures you. It envelopes you. It caresses you. It seduces you. And, it soothes and relaxes you. Feminine, intoxicating, purely and distinctly sexy…LOVE LOVE XOXOXOXOXOX
So final take
victorias secret basic instinct sheer mist

Pros of Victoria’s secret Basic Instinct Sheer Mist

1. Wonderful fragrance
2. Beautiful bottle (love purple)
3. PLASTIC BOTTLE which makes it sturdy.
4. Fragrance lasts for 5-6 hours which is good for a mist
5. I love love love this
victorias secret basic instinct sheer mist

Cons of Victoria’s secret Basic Instinct Sheer Mist

Can’t think of any EXCEPT that VS has discontinued this product. Can you believe it? I was so unhappy to hear that.
(But the cheat here is that you can buy it online at stores such as Amazon)

Will You Recommend This to Anyone? Yes yes yes to everybody

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  1. Bottle is so Cute. :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: . my favourite Coloue is Purple…. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  2. Wow….I love VS body mist. Its my current fav. But I have another one
    This one is also tempting,….nice review :waytogo:

  3. I have never used any Victoria’s Secret products, I so want to use them now………. :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep:

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