Basic Nail Design Tools for DIY Nail Art

Basic Nail Design Tools for DIY Nail Art

I was in a serious nail art phase when I bought a lot of konad stuff, plates, stamper, various designs plates, sticker, etc, well no doubt well done nail art looks awesome, but when I started experimenting, I had no idea about the basic tools of the trade,this is what I collected overtime, take a look at very easily available tool for do-it-yourself nail art, of course you can graduate to other things over time like varied brushes, but for starters this is great to make you look festive-ready-nails.
basic nail art tools

Base coat and top coat:

The base coat ensures less staining on the nails and helps to fill up ridges for a smoother finish. These are anyway there with most of us, do make use of them for nail art too.

top coat

Nail dotting tools:

You can start with very basic dots to help create dot and circle patterns. grab a medium size tip and go for the polka dots art, its always a classic!You can always pick up match sticks or bobby pins, pen refill tips, all pin with round tips, for the same purpose, pretty much anything with a tip or rounded tip 😛


Nail stickers:

Ofcrouse these come as a full coverage or those stick on ones, choose your own, simple silver bindis would solve experimental purpose as well.

loreal nail stickers

Beads and rhinestones:

These come in so handy when you really dont want to get into anything elaborate with brushes or stamps, just stick them and good to go..rhinestone-nail-art

Nail glitter:

Apply clear polish and asap dip your nail into the glitter pot, shake and done,these could look super pretty..

Stamping kit and plates:

You get a lot of plates with numerous designs to choose from, I love to do this when I have free time (rarity), so many colors to choose from, as a base coat, but you would need special thick polish in order to stamp it over your basic nail color.

konad nail art

Nail stripers:

They are nail polishes that come with a long, thin brush. They are so easy to use and you can outline a geometrical design with these and then fill some regular polish within the rough outline, these are also great to make criss- cross lines on a regular basic nail color.I love the glitter ones a lot.


Scotch tape:

Use the less sticky ones 😛 to make a square french tip, or to make a geometrical design, apply and work over or below the tape, dry and remove Tada! Neatest nail art ever!

Nail art brushes:

okay this takes you to a serious level of nail art, you can invest in a set, they consist of angle brushes,flat brush, fan brush but you need to practice well, consider investing in the basic striping long brush, you could even use some paint brushes for starter.

Then come the handy tools, remover, q-tips, acetone to clean the image plates(I dont use a good remover to clean the image plates, just any thinner would do), filers, cotton swabs and so on, orange sticks come in handy too to rectify mistakes. 🙂


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  1. I’v recently bought a 15-piece nail art brush kit from buyincoins. Dint knew other than brushes we need so many things *shock*

  2. Waahhhhhhhh neha di *woot* *woot* *woot* *woot* this is something i loved too much *clap* *clap* *clap* awesomely written *clap* i have everything from scotch tape to nail tools…. have to get the konad plates at the earliest *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance*

  3. Awesome post.. i have started experimental nail art.. This will help improve my skills.. *puchhi* thank you for sharing this..

  4. OMG!!! Im a nailart dud! *spank* *spank*

    This was like — “Huh? Huh? what was that again??” Never knew so many things are available or are utilized for the nail art! Impressive and very informative Neha!

  5. nice post for nail art beginners can you tell which scotch tape is less sticky because i have tried all tapes but they are very sticky and they ruin whole nail art

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