Basic Skin Care For Beach Babes!

Basic Skin Care For Beach Babes!

Hello beautiful people,

Today I am going to write about the skin care for beaches. It cannot be stressed enough on how important wearing sunscreen is full 365-days an year. And it becomes even more important on beaches as you are out in the sun for longer durations. It is a tough call between enjoying the beach vs saving your skin.

After a long, long time finally “the bachelorette trip” otherwise known as Goa trip happened this weekend. Although all of us were super excited for this trip, we were also worried about getting tan esp. because there is a wedding to attend next month itself. In fact the bride-to-be declared that she is going to wear socks even on the beach because she did not want her feet to get tanned which to all of our surprise she did! 😀 😀 Usually, feet tend to get more tanned than the rest of the body as they are easily exposed to sun.


To protect our skin, we had carried various sunscreen and anti-tan products ranging from SPF 30 to SPF 70. Let’s go through how much each product worked and other tips.

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Before The Trip:

Before the trip, I had gathered all sort of sun-care products that I would require. I packed the following with me:

  1. Lakme sun expert sunscreen in “normal to dry” version with SPF 30. This works perfectly for my face in day outings.
  2. Lakme sun expert after sun face wash just for the cooling effect. This does not do anything apart from this anyways.
  3. Lotus de-tan face mask for quick de-tan. I had never used this before but bought this after reading good reviews on IMBB.
  4. Duck Commander sports sunscreen in SPF 30(continuous spray) because it is waterproof and sprays are easier to use.
  5. A hydrating body butter because salt in water leaves your skin dry and it needs to be re-hydrated.
  6. Wet wipes because you need to clear off sand from your body before re-applying sunscreen.
  7. Plastic rubber band because the regular ones would get wet and useless once you enter water. You get the ones that look like telephone wires in Health & Glow.
  8. A pair of Sunglasses because you need one to be functional on the beach.
  9. Some bright floral dresses for that girly-beach look. 😛
  10. Beach slippers because you just cannot wear fancy sandals at beach.

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Apart from these, I had put matching bright coloured nail paints. 🙂 Applying nail paints make me happy! 😛 :P. As it was just a 2-day trip, one backpack and one sling bag was enough for me.

During The Trip:

During the trip, I would always carry a sling bag with a 500ml bottle of water, sunscreen tube and wet wipes. In the morning, I would apply the lakme sunscreen on face and neck on top of a moisturiser. The spray sunscreen was used on hands and legs up till feet and toes. 😀 I have always felt that SPF 30 is the ideal one. I prefer to re-apply if staying out for more than 4 hours. Also, the sunscreens with SPF higher than 50 is said to be harmful for skin. One of my friends had carried a sunscreen of SPF 70 but it did not really make any difference.

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After coming back from sun, I would use lakme after-sun face wash. Its cooling effect would provide relaxation and give instant freshness. At night before sleeping, I applied the de-tan face pack even though there was no visible tan.

I also made sure to moisturize my skin well as the sunscreen and the dry weather makes it a little dry.

After The Trip:

Honestly, there was no difference in my complexion after coming back and I am really proud of it. 😀 I had planned to do potato and tomato sessions for tan removal but it seems that I would not be needing those.

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Other Tips:

  1. Make sure to have all waterproof make-up products.
  2. Every product that goes on your skin should have SPF.
  3. If possible, try to wear a hat or stole. I personally do not like to do so.
  4. If sun is unbearable, a light cotton jacket can be worn esp. in the afternoons.
  5. Take care of your phone and wallet from water as well as thieves.

Try to follow the above regime and you would rock the beaches! 🙂

Happy IMBBing!

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