Basicare Angular Blush Brush Review

Basicare Angular Blush Brush

Hello everyone,

Today I will be reviewing the angled blush brush from Basicare. I wanted a brush for contouring my cheek bones and since basicare always offers good quality I didn’t think before buying it. The brush comes with the usual basicare packaging and design with a black handle and black/brown bristles. It is easy to hold and provides a good grip. The bristles are dense and thick but I wish they were packed more compactly. They are soft and not harsh on the skin. The brush picks decent amount of product and spreads it evenly on the cheeks. It contours really well and blends evenly. It can also be used equally well as a normal blush brush.

Basicare Angular Blush Brush

Price– 275 INR

What the product says:

Basicare proffers a range of personalized beauty care products so that you can continue with your beauty regime right in the comfort of your home. From bath and skin products to make up accessory, the brand caters to every little need of fashion-conscious women. Each and every product manufactured under the brand ensures a high level of personal hygiene.

Sweep colour around your cheeks. Following use, gently wash Basicare Blusher Brush in mild, soapy water. Rinse it completely and then pat on dry towel. Let it dry naturally.

My experience with Basicare Angular Blush Brush:

The major con for me is that the first time I washed this brush, it shed a lot of bristles. After the first wash it doesn’t shed as much but 1-2 bristles do shed on washing. But it does not shed bristles on my face or when dry so that’s good.

Basicare Angular Blush Brush (4)

Overall, it is a good choice for a contouring cum blush brush and available at a decent price. I do recommend this one but I wish it did not shed those 1-2 bristles on washing.

Basicare Angular Blush Brush (1)

Pros of Basicare Angular Blush Brush:

• Thick and densely packed bristles
• Soft bristles
• Not harsh on skin
• Picks up right amount of product
• Blends evenly
• Good packaging
• Affordable

Basicare Angular Blush Brush (3)

Cons of Basicare Angular Blush Brush:

• Sheds bristles on washing.

IMBB Rating:


Do I recommend Basicare Angular Blush Brush?

Yes it’s a good option at a decent price.
Have a good day everyone!

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