Basicare Blush Brush Review

Basicare Blush Brush Review

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Today, I am going to review the blush brush from Basicare.  I wanted to try such a brush from an affordable brand other than Vega. So, I ordered this.  Read on more to find out about it.

Basicare Blush Brush Review

Product Description:

  • Pure natural bristles.
  • Perfect for powder blushers.

Blush Brush

This fluffy brush is especially designed to help you to get the best control in applying blusher. The bristle tips are crafted with slight angle, it is easy for everyone to use. You can simply follow cheek bone lines and sweep color around the apples of cheek.


Rs. 175 (available at Rs. 140 online).

Basicare Blush Brush


Gently wash the brush in mild soapy water.  Rinse thoroughly and pat on dry towel for excess water and allow it to dry naturally.

My Take on Basicare Blush Brush:

I got this brush just because I wanted to try a brush from Basicare. Its cheap and is available online. I love online shopping because I am too lazy to go out and get it and secondly, we don’t have exclusive stores of high-end brands here, though Basicare is definitely not a high-end brand.

Coming to the brush, this brush has an appropriate length. Length is same as that of Vega blush brush. This brush is very soft to touch and does not feel scratchy on the cheeks.  It goes on smoothly on my skin.I feel that its quality is better than the Vega blush brush.

Basicare Blush Brush

It picks up the right amount of the blush and helps in easy blending.  I never had any problem with the blending function of this brush. The application is very smooth and not at all patchy. There was no fall out while applying the blush.  I have used it to apply powder also and it did the job well.

The brush is quite sturdy. The bristles are densely packed and very soft. They can be easily bent in any direction. I have washed it 3-4 times and it hasn’t shed a bristle. The bristles have not got hard after washing.

Basicare Blush Brush

Summing up, I think this brush is quite good considering the price and it does its job well.

Blush Brush

Pros of Basicare Blush Brush:

  • Blends blush well.
  • Appropriate length.
  • Densely packed bristles.
  • Soft to touch.
  • Not at all scratchy.
  • Picks up right amount of product.
  • Hasn’t shed any bristle.
  • Sturdy brush.
  • Cheap.
  • Easily available.

Cons of Basicare Blush Brush:

  • No cons, considering the price.

IMBB Rating:


Will I Repurchase Basicare Blush Brush?

I am in the phase of trying different brushes because I am just a makeup beginner. I am going to try brush from any other brand next time.

Do I Recommend Basicare Blush Brush?

Yes, if you are a makeup beginner.

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18 thoughts on “Basicare Blush Brush Review

    1. Yes it is good Ritu 🙂 I have vega large powder brush. Will definitely try powder brush from Vega next time 🙂

  1. Nice review ,….I like all basic care accesories i dont have any brushes but I use sponges and mani/pedi kit

  2. I’sn’t it a little big for a blush brush or is it just the photograph that I am finding the bristles a little longer? 😐 But since you find it awesome i guess it’s quite an efficient brush. 🙂 Sounds pretty good. 🙂

    1. Di it might be the pic because i compared
      the dome and size with other blush brush i have and both of the brushes are of same size and have same length bristles. i can’t
      compare it with high end brands di Cz i
      haven’t used any, but considering the
      price, it does its job well. 🙂

    2. Di the size and length of bristles is same as the other blush brush i have. it does its job well, considering the price. 🙂 its an excellent product for make up beginners 🙂

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