Basicare Cosmetic Tool Kit Review

Basicare Cosmetic Tool Kit Review

Hi Girls,

In the last few weeks, I was so busy with work that I could barely make time to write for IMBB.  Now, I have managed to share my review on one of my recent buys. It’s a cosmetic brush set from Basicare.  In the last week of November, I planned for a short trip and I wanted to carry my makeup stuff.  All that I wanted to buy was a good set of brushes. I know having good makeup brushes is a real investment, but I wanted to start with less expensive brands, before I buy MAC, Inglot or Sigma brushes.  So, let me review this brush set for you 🙂

Basicare Cosmetic Tool Kit Review

Short Description:

Who says great things don’t come in small packages? This adorable carrying pouch holds five essential cosmetic brushes & foundation sponge for the gal-on-the-go.

Product Description 1

Product Description 2

What the Kit contains:

This Cosmetic Tool Kit includes 5 makeup brushes and a foundation sponge. With a convenient carrying pouch, it is a right tool for travel.

Cosmetic Tool Kit 1

  • Blusher Brush – to help you to get the best control in applying blushers.
  • Eye shadow Brush –ideal for contouring ,shaping and blending.
  • Eye shadow Applicator – for applying eye shadow powder to the eyelid.
  • Lip Brush – especially designed for a perfect application of lipstick or gloss.
  • Brow/Lash Brush –to eliminate mascara clumping and to reshape brows to perfection. Foundation Sponge – to provide a smooth and even application of foundation.

How To Care:

Gently wash the brush in mild soapy water. Rinse thoroughly and pat on dry towel for excess water and allow it to dry naturally.


Rs. 300.  Its available on discount on a few online stores.

My Experience with Basicare Cosmetic Tool Kit:

The kit comes in a transparent plastic pouch like cover. I thought this is going to be like a zip pouch, but its not the case. You cut open the pouch and just use it to keep the brushes. No lock or zip, but the brushes stay intact in the pouch and don’t fall out.

Now, about the brushes:


1. Blush Brush – The brush is medium sized brush with fluffy bristles. The handle is neither long nor short. I find it comfortable to handle. The bristles are really soft when used before wash and same is the condition after wash. There was no shedding of bristles.  The bristles are good enough to pick the right amount of the blush to work out on your cheeks.

2. Eye Shadow Brush – This eye shadow brush has the right dimensions, easy to handle. The bristles are soft and easy to blend the shadows and they did not turn out hard after washing.

3. Eye shadow applicator – The applicator is apt to apply the shadow. The sponge is soft, but at times, I feel it might come out, if handled without care.

4. Lip Brush – A medium-sized brush and like the other brushes in the kit, this does it job in a decent way. Applying lipstick becomes easy and gives a neat look when done with lip brushes.

Brush Kit 2

5. Brow and Lash Brush – The Brow Lash brush is made of good material. There are a few brands that sell brow combs that look flimsy or not so sturdy. This brow comb looks good enough and makes shaping your brows an easy job.

Cosmetic Tool Kit 2

Lastly, the foundation sponge; I have not used it yet. I generally use my fingers for foundation, but this sponge that comes along with the kit, looks very soft and whenever I touch, I feel it might tear even at the second or third use. It’s very soft and thin.

Makeup Sponge

I washed all these brushes with baby shampoo and there was no shedding of bristles. It took almost 7-8 hours to dry under fan.

Pros of Basicare Cosmetic Tool Kit:

  • Good quality brushes at a reasonable price.
  • Soft bristles and doesn’t shed after wash.
  • Meant especially for beginners.
  • Travel friendly, easily fits into the vanity pouch.

Cons of Basicare Cosmetic Tool Kit:

  • The pouch should have been a zip lock one to make it more comfortable for travel.

IMBB Rating:


Do I Recommend Basicare Cosmetic Tool Kit?

Yes, for beginners.

Final Word on Basicare Cosmetic Tool Kit:

This cosmetic tool kit that comprises of the 5 essential makeup brushes is such a handy kit for beginners. For the quality of the brushes and for the price it retails, this is a must have.

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  1. Wow!! Its magic…..jst now i was looking at my old brushes nd was thinking of buying new ones…..
    nd u pop up wid dis review!!!
    Well i always had trouble wid eye brushes….can dis one be trusted?

    1. Sadia, u can give this a try..and the eye brushes are good..both the applicator and the eyeshadow brush..

      and u knw wat..i had a childhood friend named Sadia..but i’ve lost contact with her now..
      you remind me of her 🙂

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