Basicare Duet Facial Cleansing Pad Review

Basicare Duet Facial Cleansing Pad

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I had been travelling last week so didn’t get the time for a review but I have got so addicted to IMBB that I kept on reading the new reviews everyday on my phone 😛 . Today I would be reviewing 2 products from the brand Basicare one is a face cleansing pad and the other a nail buffer.

Basicare Duet Facial Cleansing Pad4

Product Claims:

Basicare Duet Facial Cleansing Pads are specially designed to get to each corner of the face more easily. With its open cell and fine texture, this cleansing pad is soft and gentle to every skin types. It is ideal for facial cleansing.
Basicare Duet Facial Cleansing Pad3

INR 135 for single unit.

My Experience with Basicare Duet Facial Cleansing Pad :

I have never imagined that there could be something like a face cleaning sponge and honestly I didn’t even feel the need of one but when I saw this cute thing I had to try it. When I read the description of the product it reads ‘to get to each corner of the face’ *rofl* corner of the face?? Is it a mop or something *hihi*

I have used this with face wash and it works pretty well but I am yet to try it with cream cleansers…I am not so sure about it. The sponge has 2 types of textures on both sides, on one side it’s a velour powder puff kind and on the other its very soft & thin sponge. It cleans the face thoroughly and is not rough at all but you need to wash it and dry it after every use…who wants so much work?? There is one more issue with these sponges that you can’t keep them using forever you must replace them after 2-3 weeks or you run the risk of getting skin infections. I have used it a couple of times maybe 2-3 times but I am not at all comfortable reusing something on my face after washing, I am better off with wipes and cotton that I use a new one every time. I bought this just out of curiosity and since that is gone it has been lying around and I have no intentions to buy any other.

Basicare Duet Facial Cleansing Pad2

Pros of Basicare Duet Facial Cleansing Pad:

1. Affordable.
2. Non-abrasive.
3. Textured on both sides.
4. Widely available online.

Cons of Basicare Duet Facial Cleansing Pad:

1. Doesn’t make much of a difference.

Basicare Duet Facial Cleansing Pad

IMBB Rating:

2/5 I find it as just another sponge, that’s it!!

Would I buy Basicare Duet Facial Cleansing Pad again?

No, I feel using the face wash with hands is better and this anyway can’t be used with cream cleansers and washing it every time adds up to more work :)]

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9 thoughts on “Basicare Duet Facial Cleansing Pad Review

  1. Parmita you know i got this faces cleansing buff a few months ago *headbang* *headbang* and oh my god it is soo bad that it will even ruin my house ka utensils rofl rofl rofl atleast this was better than that lol *hihi* *hihi* try the neutrogena wave i just love it to the core and i am sure you will too *happy dance* *happy dance*

  2. i had one like this from vega and after using it twice i could think of bacteria only when i saw it next, i threw it *blush* *chudail*

    1. *scared* i found the concept of cleaning the face with a sponge quite unnecessary *specs* looks like a good marketing gimmick *headbang*

  3. Aww.. i have heard sponges really cleanse skin squeky clean know.. *haan ji* bt this sponge is nt my kind.. *nonono* I shud get a good face sponge now.. *jogging*

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