Basicare Euro Eyelash Curler – Review

Basicare Euro Eyelash Curler

Hi Girls, 🙂

I am going to review Basic care Euro eyelash curler today. Since the time I started using curlers for my lashes, this one has come very handy. Please read on to know my experience with this curler.


Basicare Euro Eyelash Curler

My experience with Basicare Euro Eyelash Curler:

I did not know how much curling the lashes would make the difference to the way our eyes look, till I used one myself. This Basic care Euro curler is metal curler with firm plastic coating on the handles. The packaging is very good for handling the curler. The plastic coating gives a very good grip on the fingers to operate the curler handles easily. The grip is very essential because we use it near our delicate eye area. The rubber coating is there on the edge of the curler as well, where we place our lashes for curling purpose. It gives a nice padding for our lashes and won’t be harsh on our delicate lashes. We get an extra pair of this rubber padding along with the curler.

Basicare Euro Eyelash Curler (8)

Basicare Euro Eyelash Curler (5)

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If the padding gets dirty or hard after some use we can replace it. I have been using it since 4 months and it is still soft. I press my lashes for 10-15 seconds on each eye with medium pressure and it is enough to curl the lashes. It is not advised to put more pressure or press it for longer duration else the lashes will get damaged. This curler does a pretty good job at it. After curling I apply mascara and the lashes remain curled for 4-5 hours. After the use I clean the padding area with makeup remover to keep it clean. Keeping it without cleaning may cause hygiene issues since our eyeshadows, eyeliners or mascaras gets stuck to it. This works as a very good curler for me.

Basicare Euro Eyelash Curler (7)

Basicare Euro Eyelash Curler (6)

Pros of Basicare Euro Eyelash Curler:

1. Easy handling.
2. Good grip.
3. Soft rubber padding.
4. Curling the lashes gets simple with this.

Basicare Euro Eyelash Curler (3)

Basicare Euro Eyelash Curler

Cons of Basicare Euro Eyelash Curler :

1. I didn’t find any!
Basicare Euro Eyelash Curler (4)

IMBB Rating:


Will I recommend Basicare Euro Eyelash Curler?

Yes, I would recommend this curler. It is simple to use and works best, so if you don’t own a curler yet you can definitely try this. 🙂


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15 thoughts on “Basicare Euro Eyelash Curler – Review

  1. This eyelash curler seems interesting…never used one.. And this is just for Rs 150..pretty inexpensive! Nice detailed review Sushma. Wish you had added a “before and after” photo of curled lashes to help us know better how good this curler is.

  2. I have never used eyelash curlers,I find it risky for d most delicate part of my body.
    though this one looks nyc.

  3. Me too never tried eyelash curlers and find it risky. And my lashes are curled so I never find this necessary for me 🙂

  4. These remind me of the $1 lash curler frm Elf… i have to use an eye lash curler as my lashes are always bent in the opposite direction.. this seems nice… good review

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