Basicare Exfoliating Body Gloves Review

Basicare Exfoliating Body Gloves Review

Hi Girls,

I came to know about bath gloves after I started going through IMBB. I have read the reviews by both Ila and Veena on QVS and TBS bath gloves and wanted to use one myself.  So, while ordering for some items online, I noticed the Basicare Exfoliating Body Gloves on the website. I searched for the QVS and TBS ones online, but only Basicare was available. Basicare is a well-known brand and there were some discounts also, so I decided to try this. There were two colors available – white and beige: I took the white one. Read on to know how I found them.


Product Description:

Basicare Exfoliating Body Gloves helps you enjoy complete body cleaning. They not only clean your body but as well massage and pacify it. The dirt accumulated in your body along with the dead skin cells are entirely eradicated as your skin comes back to its natural freshness and softness state. Basicare Exfoliating Body Gloves have elastic and so they stretch to exactly fit your hands. One size fits all and these body gloves stay on when you exfoliate your body.

Basicare Exfoliating Body Gloves 2


Rs. 145 for a pair (I got it for Rs.116)

How To Use:

Slip your hands into Basicare Exfoliating Body Gloves. Massage your entire body with the help of these gloves prior to shower to invigorate blood circulation. Add some drops of your preferred shower or bath gel on the gloves. Basicare Exfoliating Body Gloves create rich lather, thereby offering you with deep cleansing on your body for a younger and healthy looking skin.  Rinse thoroughly and squeeze the excess water after each use. Hang it to air dry.

Basicare Exfoliating Body Gloves 3

My Take on Basicare Exfoliating Body Gloves:

I absolutely love this product. It is a really good exfoliator and it is easy to use because it is just like you are scrubbing your body with your hands. The design is definitely ergonomic :). The roughness is just right I should say, a milder version would not have been of much use to me. It has helped me with my ingrown hair; I don’t see them these days. It has also helped me in removing my back acne and there is certainly a glow with all the dead skin gone. It’s superb I should say at this price and I just won’t return to loofahs anymore, these are so easy to use and effective. Just these and a bottle of your favorite shower gel and you are sorted.

Basicare Exfoliating Body Gloves 5

It fits perfectly in my hand and when I am scrubbing back and forth, it doesn’t feel like the glove is losing grip on my skin with the glove going one way and my hand the other. I have used it for 6-7 times now and it has maintained its shape. The hook is very useful so that the glove can be hung to dry after shower.

Basicare Exfoliating Body Gloves 4

Basicare Exfoliating Body Gloves 6

I have used this with shower gels, bath gels, soaps and it works with all of them. Maybe it doesn’t lather up as loofahs do, but the skin feels smoother after exfoliation with a bath glove. You need to be careful though when you use it near sensitive areas, you might hurt yourself.  I think it is a little too rough for facial use; I tried once around my nose but couldn’t take the risk of applying pressure. It says one size fits all but I am doubtful if it would fit my husband’s hands, would make him try these next.

Basicare Exfoliating Body Gloves 8

Summing up the pros and cons:

Pros of Basicare Exfoliating Body Gloves:

  • Price is affordable.
  •  Available at major online shopping sites.
  • Roughness is just right.
  • Skin feels softer and smoother after use.
  • Long lasting and stays in shape.
  • Saves me from splurging on expensive body scrubs.

Cons of Basicare Exfoliating Body Gloves:

  • Nothing much I could think of, could not find many color choices and I will check and see if the one size fits all is true (not much of a con I must say).

IMBB Rating:

4.8/5 (will try the TBS and QVS ones also).

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  1. Big fan of the TBS gloves! But these are more affordable, will surely give them a try Shreela.
    Can this be found on any online sites?

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