Basicare Eyes Grooming Kit- Review

Basicare Eyes Grooming Kit

I’ve always liked the idea of having a ‘kit’. Makeup kit, eyebrow kit, manicure kit, etc. So when I saw the Basicare Eyes Grooming Kit, I just had to purchase it. I ordered the kit online. The kit contains:

Basicare eye grooming kit1

• Precision Crafted Eyebrow Scissors.
• Magnify 2x Mirror with suction cups.
• Eyebrow comb/brush.
• Mascara brush.
• Tweezers.
• Eyelash curler.

All of the above come in a transparent cosmetic pouch which I absolutely love.
Let me give you a detailed review on the contents of the kit.

basicare eye grooming kit 2

Precision Crafted Eyebrow Scissors:

These are used to trim the longer hair on the eyebrows and can also be used to cut false eyelashes if you don’t want to use the entire false eyelash. The scissor is this kit is like your regular eyebrow scissors.
basicare eye grooming kit 6

Magnify 2x Mirror with Suction Cups:

This mirror is really helpful to give you a closer look at your face. Very helpful when plucking your eyebrows or applying eye makeup. LOVE IT! It’s like a ‘zoom’ but in a mirror. The suction cups can be used to stick the mirror up wherever you want to.
basicare eye grooming kit 8
basicare eye grooming kit 9

Eyebrow Comb/Brush:

The eyebrow comb/brush is also like your regular eyebrow brush. Nothing fancy, but very helpful in trimming your eyebrow hair.
basicare eye grooming kit 4

Mascara Brush:

You know how you always have an unnecessary thing in every kit that you purchase? This brush is one of those items. Although you can use it to separate your lashes before applying mascara or applying false eyelashes, it’s just not required.
basicare eye grooming kit 5


Heavy duty in its texture and make helps to pluck out even the smallest of hairs. I expected average tweezers, but these are brilliant.
basicare eye grooming kit 7

Eyelash Curler:

This helps to curl your lashes before applying mascara. It’s a regular eyelash curler. I like it.
basicare eye grooming kit 3

NOTE: The brushes are transparent plastic and not light brown as they appear in the pictures.
basicare eye grooming kit 10


MRP Rs.625, I bought it at a discounted price of Rs.500 online.

Pros of Basicare Eye Grooming Kit:

• Inexpensive for so many items.
• The cosmetic pouch makes it easy to carry around while traveling.
• Very good quality stainless steel used, it wouldn’t even get ruined with prolonged usage.

Cons of Basicare Eye Grooming Kit :

I really can’t think of any! I absolutely love this kit.

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