Basicare Lip Liner Brush Review

Basicare Lip Liner Brush

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I recently bought 2 lipstick refills from Inglot. The brush with which the SA was swiping the testers was an awesome one but it was out of stock and I did not even ask its name/number. Anyways I wanted to have some lip brushes soon as the only brushes I had till date were from Vega. My first purchase was this lip liner brush from Basicare.


Price: INR 105

Product description:

• Hygienic nylon bristles.
• To line/fill in lips with lipstick or lip gloss.

This brush is specially designed for a perfect application of lipstick or gloss. Applying lipstick with lipliner brush provides a precise application and a more lasting finish.

Care: Gently wash the brush in mild soapy water. Rinse thoroughly and pat on dry towel for excess water and allow it to dry naturally.

My experience with Basicare Lip Liner Brush:

This brush comes in a pouch kind of packaging which we have to cut open from the back. I use the same pouch to store the brush later on too. The brush has a semi steel and semi black body. I love how this brush looks- slim and classy. It gives a good hold too.

When I saw this on the online site, I thought this could not be a lip liner brush, the bristles are wide enough to fill in the lips. When I received the product, my views didn’t change. I thought it was too wide for a lip liner brush. The moment I used this I came to know it is the shape of the brush which makes it ideal for lining the lips. I was impressed with the precision and ease of lining the lips with this one. Then I went on and filled the lips with this only. Though it takes time to fill the entire lips owing to the thickness, but the precision in application is absolutely perfect. I love its bristles which are soft on the lips and stiff enough to perfectly do its job. The bristles remain firm together; I mean they do not fall apart like Vega brushes. Vega’s bristles used to start falling apart after 2-3 uses.


This one picks the right amount of color and does eat it up. This is basically a perfect brush for lining the lips. I can use it to fill in to but that takes a little more time. Still I love this product. It is value for money. Body wise, use wise, price wise- it is perfect. Also, there is no issue in travelling too. Like I said I keep it in the pouch itself. I cut the pouch only from the backside and take it out that ways. The brush would never ever come out from the pouch on its own. We will have to take it out ourselves. I tried doing the pouch upside down, a several times, but the brush does not come out, so now I safely carry it in my purse.

This is a pure love for me.

Pros of Basicare Lip Liner Brush:

• Classy body
• Bristles are soft and firm at the same time.
• Precise application every time. Highly impressed.
• Pouch can be used to store the brush, even in the purse.
• Nominal pricing.
• Bristles do not get damaged or fall apart even after washing it a several times.


Cons of Basicare Lip Liner Brush:

• Takes a little more time when used as lip filler but I do not mind that.

Imbb rating: As a lip liner 5/5, as a lip filler 4/5

Recommendation: Those who want a brush for lip lining and filling both should definitely buy this. If you are looking for only filling purpose, then you may try something else.

Until next time, take care!

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14 thoughts on “Basicare Lip Liner Brush Review

  1. Nice review Sahiba!! 🙂 Even I am in the search for a good lip brush and another brush for my Artistry 3D face powder. Any suggestions?? *specs*

    1. thanks vinita… for lip brush you can try this one or lakme absolute, vlcc one or colorbar one reviewed yesterday… for powder you can follow rati di’s article here on brushes… i do not use it… so no idea… 🙂

    1. ya i have bought another lip brush which has a cap for the same purpose.. i’ll review it too… but this one is a cap-less awesome piece… 😛 *hihi*

  2. Ohhhh Sahiba this looks great *clap* *clap* Now that i have started using lipsticks i think i should invest in some of these brushes too *happy dance* *happy dance*

    1. yup you should definitely.. there is a huge difference between brush application and direct application.. *haan ji*

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