Basicare Nail Shaper – Review

Basicare Nail Shaper

Hello everyone,

Today I am going to review a Nail shaper from Basicare. I always found those metal files harsh on my brittle nails and was looking for something that would help me shape my nails without being too rough or harsh. I came across this Nail Shaper and instantly purchased it. 🙂

Product Description:

Basicare Nail Shaper comes with colourful designs that offer a classy shape to the nails in no time. With the help of this distinctive set, you will never have to be concerned about opting for any expensive parlour. You can get great looking nails wherever and whenever you want with the help of Basicare Nail Shaper. It assists you in maintaining and managing your nails with much ease. This product helps in pampering your nails.

Basicare Nail Shaper

Manicure and pedicure are the two things that today’s youth would want to do every once in a while to help them showcase as beautiful and gorgeous. Basicare Nail Shaper aids perfectly suits their needs.


This product is curved at the ends to offer you with a smooth filing.

Features and Benefits:

Basicare Nail Shaper offers your nails with a classy finish.


Rs.75 for a single file


This nail shaper is available in variety of designs packed in a plastic sheet.

My take on Basicare Nail Shaper:

I suffer from brittle nails and they become more brittle or chip off after filing them with metal filer or emery board. Then I did some research and found out that metal filers are harsh for your nails. I stopped using them and then switched to emery boards but found them harsh too.

Basicare Nail shaper

This Nail shaper from Basicare looks very cute and is available in varied designs. This filer is quite smooth it feels like a nail buffer. Ever since I have started using this, my nails are in a better condition. This nail shaper files or shapes my nails in a desired manner without causing any harm. The edges of my nails feel smooth when I use this nail shaper. It does its work effortlessly.
The design wears off gradually once you start using the nail shaper. I never liked filing my nails as it seemed like an irritating task for me but with the Basicare nail shaper it’s so much easier.

Pros of Basicare Nail Shaper:

• Inexpensive.
• Filing / shaping nails becomes easy.
• Works effortlessly and efficiently.
• Does not break my nails or make them brittle.
• Doesn’t feel harsh on my nails.
• Looks cute and comes in various designs.

Basicare Nail shaper (2)

Cons of Basicare Nail Shaper:

I have never seen these files or nail shapers in the stores. I wish they were readily available in stores than to purchase them online everytime, other than that no cons at all.

IMBB Rating:

5/ 5

Will I repurchase Basicare Nail Shaper?

Yes, without a doubt.

Do I recommend Basicare Nail Shaper?

Yes, as it makes nail filing / shaping an easy task.

Thanks you ladies for reading.


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  1. so cute dipti wud love to see ur nails.. 🙂 i hope i wud get it here!! ur pics are so clean n perfect making this chotu cutuu pdt even more appealing know.. 🙂

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