Basics Neem Face wash with Omega-3 Review

Basics Neem Face wash with Omega-3 Review

Hi Beauties,

Today, I am going to review a face wash, I have around 5-6 normal face washes at the moment and the one prescribed by my derma :P, but the shopaholic in me still keeps buying other face washes. Sometimes, I feel if I have compulsive shopping disorder, but then I think about you all lovely ladies and I pacify myself by saying “all women are the same and they love to shop,” so there is nothing abnormal in me, let’s take a detailed review of the product.

Product Being Reviewed:

Basics Neem Face wash with Omega 3.

Basics Neem Face wash with Omega 3 Review


INR 74 for 100ml.  It comes in a green and white plastic tube with a flip cap. The cap clicks shut and is quite sturdy which makes it travel friendly, there would be no chances of the facewash getting spilled. I guess the green colour has been put to symbolise neem’s presence in it.

Product Description:

A daily foaming face wash with Omega3, derived from flaxseeds oil with natural antioxidants provides nourishment and fresh glow to face. Neem extract deeply cleanses the skin and helps to remove acne and blemishes.


SLES, CAPB, glycerine, PG, LA, Atlas, Carbopol, Cucumbar Exract, Lemon extract, neem extract, flaxseed oil, tulsi extract, tea tree oil, MPS, PPS and DM water.

Face wash

My Take on Basics Neem Face wash with Omega-3:

It is a light green-coloured gel like face wash which easily gets diluted with water unlike my Himalaya Neem face wash.  Only a small amount is needed for the face which lathers average and the best part is you don’t need gallons of water to wash it off. The result is fresh, squeaky clean face. Also, I have super oily skin and this made my face a little dry after the wash, hence it is big NO for dry-skinned girls. I had to put the Neutorgena moisturiser after the wash.  The fragrance comes as more of chemical-ish (is there a word like that :stars: ) to me and is not very pleasant. Now, coming to what the face wash claims, it did not help in removing blemishes, but yes, it did control the oil secretion for a good 3-4 hours. I also did not notice any effect on the open pores.

Basics Face Wash

Pros of Basics Neem Face wash with Omega-3:

  • Does stop excess oil secretion for 3-4 hours.
  • Gets diluted easily and lathers just okay.
  • Sturdy, tube-type packaging.
  • Has neem, tulsi, tea tree extracts which are considered good for oily and acne-prone skin treatment.

Cons of Basics Neem Face wash with Omega-3:

  • The fragrance seems chemical (-ish) kind.
  • Abbreviations in ingredients list ( MPS, PPS, etc.)
  • Does not remove blemishes as it claims.
  • Makes the skin a little dry, hence not suitable for normal or dry-skinned beauties.
  • Availability might also be an issue, I picked it up from an online shopping site.

Will I Repurchase Basics Neem Face wash with Omega-3?

No, I will not. It did not impress me that much, as in I have better options available with me which I would like to repurchase like Himalaya and Clearasil. Also, the abbreviated list of ingredients scares me as to what am I putting on the face.

IMBB Rating:

3.85 out of 5.

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4 thoughts on “Basics Neem Face wash with Omega-3 Review

  1. Hi Shivani, I am kinda new here…

    Thank you for the review. I have normal to oily skin so I don’t think that I will buy it. I have tried Clearasil and Himalaya Neem Face wash and liked both. However, one time after I used Clearasil facewash, my mum remarked that my face was glowing before using it and that the glow went away after using the facewash so I didn’t buy it again.

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