Bath and Body Works Mad About You Fine Fragrance Mist Review

Bath and Body Works Mad About You Fine Fragrance Mist

Hello Everybody,

Today I am going to review yet another body mist from Bath and Body works. The body lotion from the same range has already been reviewed a few days back on IMBB and here comes the body mist .The body mist is from “mad about you” range which is a very recent launch of bath and body works. Read on to find how I liked it.


Price: $14

Ingredients: Not mentioned

Shelf Life: Not mentioned

Quantity: 8 fl oz/236 ml

My experience with Bath and Body Works Mad About You Fine Fragrance Mist

Let me tell you, there are some more body mists which I will be reviewing soon :D. All these pretty ones are picked up by my friend when she was in the USA. I was super excited about this particular range “mad about you”, as this is a very recent launch and the name is very catchy and flirty.
Packaging: I bet no girl will ever resist this packaging. As you can see, the mist comes in a very girly and feminine packaging with pink and orange coloured flowers on it. The bottle is simple and adorable with no super complex detailing, which I love. I always think bath and body work products definitely have better packaging than the body shop products. As all other body mists, this is also a huge plastic, transparent, sturdy bottle which is travel friendly obviously. The cap is really tight, so you need not worry about the spillage while travelling.

Product: The body mist is in light pink colour with water like consistency.

Fragrance: All I can smell when I spray it on the body is berries and flowers. The top note smells of black currants, which I don’t like that much. However this will vanish in 5 seconds. The middle notes smells of strawberries and flowers (roses especially). My friend says that the floral fragrance is from peonies, but I don’t know how peonies smell. The middle note is so amazing and I love it. There is no last note as such, as the middle note continues for the rest of the day. This fragrance may seem to be very familiar, as there is no such newness in it. To be precise this smells almost the same as “Pink Friday” perfume by Nicki Minaj.



Staying Power: I prefer wearing fruity/citrus fragrances during the day (for office especially) and flowery/woody for the evenings. This particular mist is very mild and does not show up if you are wearing this by itself. You need to layer it with body lotion/EDT from same range to really get the fragrance linger for long. When used alone, it stays there for hardly 3 hours. Hence I have to re-spray it every 3 hours to feel fresh. When I compare this with other body mists from BBW which I own, this does not excel.


Ideal for: In my opinion the mist is ideal for warm summer evenings. But if you like floral, berry fragrances during the day, you can try this out.

Pros of Bath and Body Works Mad About You Fine Fragrance Mist

• Smells of berries and flowers
• Amazing girly packaging
• Can be used on clothes, it does not stain the clothes
• Easy to carry around, travel friendly packaging
• No irritation/tingling sensation on skin
• Affordable
• Huge quantity

Cons of Bath and Body Works Mad About You Fine Fragrance Mist

• Staying power. I just wish this stays for long
• The fragrance is very mild.
• Need to layer it to show up the fragrance
• No ingredients, shelf life and expiry date is mentioned on the bottle
• Availability in India

IMBB Rating: 3.7/5. I have only reduced the points for its staying power and mildness of fragrance.

Would I recommend Bath and Body Works Mad About You Fine Fragrance Mist?

Yes! If you are a BBW fan, you can try this new range.

Will I repurchase Bath and Body Works Mad About You Fine Fragrance Mist?

No! As this will last long and by the time I finish this, many new mists will be in the market.

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