Bath and Body Works Rio Rumberry Fine Fragrance Mist Review

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Being a big time Bath and Body Works fan, I tend to pick up all the new bottles I see in the stores. Out of all the beauty products, these are really easy to spot and actually grasp a lot of attention. They can rightly be called the ‘eye candy’ in the display. The one I picked up recently was the Lush Pink Dragonfruit one, and now I have the Rio Rumberry for you guys. Be ready for one more super seductive fragrance!

Bath and Body Works Rio Rumberry Fine Fragrance Mist Review3

Product Description:
A feminine fragrance with an exotic blend of tropical berries, fresh papaya and vanilla blossom!

Rio Rumberry fragrance notes:

Top Notes:
Thai papaya, Tangelo, Coconut water, Lemon
Heart Notes:
Tiare, Star fruit
Base notes:
Coconut cream, Tahitian vanilla, Indonesian sandalwood

INR 700 for 236 ml at beauty shops in Mumbai. Otherwise, the price may range between 1000-1200.

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My Take on Bath and Body Works Rio Rumberry Fine Fragrance Mist:

I have used ample of B&BW body mists and lotions, and would definitely say that no other brand can really beat this one. They have innovated amazingly and have totally captured all the attention as far as body mists and lotions are concerned. Talking about this one, it comes in a very good looking, vibrant, violet colored cylindrical bottle along with a silver spray nozzle which is very easy to use and does not become tight or rust. The bottle has some golden animal print over it which adds to the glamour. It is pretty huge in size, so cannot be easily carried around. But, somehow I do manage to carry all the B&BW mists because they are an all time favourite.

Bath and Body Works Rio Rumberry Fine Fragrance Mist Review

The liquid comes in a poppy violet colour and the bottle is a see-through one which makes it easy for us to consider when to restock. Coming to the fragrance, when I sniffed it at the time of purchasing, it smelled a bit weird; it did not smell really pleasant to me. But, I requested the SA to let me spray once, and that’s when the actual fragrance was released. It smells very tropical and fruity. It contains a few floral hints, but I think the fruity hints are very powerful and dominate the fragrance. Thus, this fragrance turns out to be a very sweet and juicy one.

Bath and Body Works Rio Rumberry Fine Fragrance Mist Review1

Initially, it smells of juicy berries; I feel more of blueberries and wild berries, sweet papaya and creamy coconut. After say 1 hour, papaya totally dominates the other two fragrances. And, when it starts to fade, it leaves hints of coconuts and lemons. At the end, this smells sweet yet citrusy. The fragrance is very girly, seductive, flirty and fun. But, this comparatively smells a bit bolder than other mists from B&BW. Anyone who smells it will fall in love with it as you get transferred to a tropical beach where it is just pure fun and dance.

Bath and Body Works Rio Rumberry Fine Fragrance Mist Review2

This fragrance is apt for night time wear. The fragrance is very sensual and seductive, and won’t be suitable for day wear as you need something super fresh for the day. It is a body mist, but it lasts much more on my clothes. It stays on me for like 5-6 hours and then re-spraying might be needed. But, it mildly stays on the skin for the entire day. It may last pretty longer with the same body lotion. I think 4-5 spritz were enough for it to last up to 5-6 hours.

Bath and Body Works Rio Rumberry Fine Fragrance Mist Review4

Well concluding, I would say that I pretty much like this fragrance and will never regret buying this. In fact, I am really happy that I picked this one up. Anyone who is looking out for a good body mist and likes sweet and fruity fragrances can try this.

Pros of Bath and Body Works Rio Rumberry Fine Fragrance Mist:

• The bottle looks super gorgeous in poppy violet with golden animal print
• Quantity is something everyone will be ready to pay for
• Very convenient to use spray nozzle and 4-5 spritz will be enough for a time
• Heavenly, wild and sensuous fragrance, and I am sure each and every fruity fragrance lover will enjoy this
• It smells very bold with a blend of wild-berries, blueberries, fresh juicy papaya and creamy coconut
• It is a flirty and a very seductive fragrance and will create a bold image
• The fragrance lasts upto 5-6 hours as it is pretty strong and then you need to respray it to get a fresh feel again
• It makes the mood very cheerful and fun, and you will totally get transferred to a tropical beach once you spray this

Cons of Bath and Body Works Rio Rumberry Fine Fragrance Mist:

• Bottle is really huge, so not travel friendly; but whatever I like it, so I will take!
• Availability is an issue
• Floral fragrance lovers might not like it
• It smells really strong initially; so try before you buy
• This is not some fragrance that everyone will like, my mom gets irritated when I put this on
• Not suitable for day wear

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Bath and Body Works Rio Rumberry Fine Fragrance Mist?
Currently, I like it but I wouldn’t get it again as I have used a couple of fragrances by B&BW that are better than this one.

IMBB Rating:

I feel I’ll be stocking up some more of these amazing fragrances as I love playing with these every day!

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