Bath and Body Works Sandalwood Rose Stress Relief Body Wash Review

Bath and Body Works Sandalwood Rose Stress Relief Body Wash Review

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As I mentioned in my last review, I have been on a shopping spree, and it’s only better that the sale season has started!! So, at the mall the other day, I saw the best sign ever – “up to 75% off” on Bath and Body Works, and I rushed in. So, I hauled a few products from there, and will review one of them today – BBW Aromatherapy Stress Relief Body Wash and Foam Bath in Sandalwood Rose.


Product Description:

This sudsy body wash is infused with an aromatherapy blend of essential oils to soothe and bring balance and harmony so you can relax.

How To Use:

For a relaxing and stress-relieving bubble bath, add a couple ounces to warm running water. This nourishing formula contains Green Tea extract to help keep skin looking younger and healthier. Breathe deeply for best results.


There’s a huge ingredient list at the back, but I can see that it is mostly comprised of essential oils and doesn’t contain parabens.

Sandalwood Rose Stress Relief Body Wash 2


I got it for $5 for 10 fl oz (295 mL) on sale.


This is a little different from the usual shower gels, a little longer and thinner bottle. It has a flip-open cap, and a clear bottle which allows me to see how much product is left. The packaging is simple and functional.  I am slightly skeptical about the flip cap though.

My Take on Bath and Body Works Sandalwood Rose Stress Relief Body Wash:

I had not used a stress relief body wash before, so I was pretty excited to try it and I got an opportunity the other day. I have migraine, so I get a lot of stress/fatigue-induced headaches, and the other day at work, I was really tired and had a bad headache. When I came back to my apartment, I used this body wash, and it was amazing! My headache was almost gone. I don’t know if it was even supposed to cure headaches 😀

Sandalwood Rose Stress Relief Body Wash 3

I love the smell of the body wash; it smells like rose oil and sandalwood mixed together. It is really soothing when you take a bath, and smells great even after a long time. Plus the stress-relief actually proving true, which I wasn’t really expecting, is an added bonus! I am thinking of gifting this to other people too, there’s a whole range of Aromatherapy products.

Sandalwood Rose Stress Relief Body Wash 4

Also, because it has all these oils, it leaves the skin pretty moisturized, and the moisture is lasting, but the consistency is gel-like and not oily as some may think. Next on my agenda is using it as a bubble bath, I can’t wait to try it!

Sandalwood Rose Stress Relief Body Wash 5

Anyway, I am super happy with it, and definitely recommend it to everyone.

Pros of Bath and Body Works Sandalwood Rose Stress Relief Body Wash:

  • Lives up to its claims of providing stress relief.
  • Lathers pretty well.
  • Can be used as a body wash as well as bubble bath.
  • Contains essential oils and is very moisturizing.
  • Packaging is functional, good for travel.
  • A little goes a long way.

Cons of Bath and Body Works Sandalwood Rose Stress Relief Body Wash:

  • None that I can think of!

Would I Repurchase Bath and Body Works Sandalwood Rose Stress Relief Body Wash?

Maybe, for now this will last a long time, but I definitely recommend it.

IMBB Rating:


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10 thoughts on “Bath and Body Works Sandalwood Rose Stress Relief Body Wash Review

  1. RElieves headache *happydance* *happydance* I have migrane problem with every odd thing giving me headache *cry* *cry* …..I want this *ghost*

    1. Wow me too have a migraine prb *cry* headaches due to small reasons… *waaa* i want this yaaaa…. you got it for 5 dollars… *shock* *shock* that’s a very good deal i should say *pompom* *pompom*

  2. Yes Triya bath and body works sale rocks.. *happy dance* *happy dance* ..Even i looted so many things from there…Nice review *thankyou*

      1. Hey got Honey Sweetheart triple moisture cream and lipgloss, liplicious peral, and sandalwood rose stress relief body lotion..I din see this one sale there..may i will go back and check again 🙂

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