Bath and Body Works Sensual Jasmine Vanilla Sugar Scrub Review

Bath and Body Works Sensual Jasmine Vanilla Sugar Scrub Review

By Parmita Dey

Hi All,

I have been a regular visitor of IMBB as it has all the product reviews, very practical and genuine. This is my first review on IMBB and I am very excited about it.  I hope you like it.  Today, I will be reviewing Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Sensual  Jasmine Vanilla Sugar Scrub.  I am a keen user of Bath and Body products, be it shower gels, scrubs, lotions, body butters, etc.  So, when my husband went for a business trip to US, I had to get a few products from there.


The aromatherapy range has a lot of products with different variations and this is one of them.You can get this at any BBW store across US.  Its 13 oz and $16 for a tub and if you are lucky, you would get greats deals and discounts both online as well as in the stores.

Product Description:

Awaken your senses. Jasmine Absolute inspires sexy self-confidence while Vanilla Absolute soothes so you feel at ease. Use during a shower or bath, morning or evening to smooth skin. Scoop out a handful of this skin softening sugar scrub and massage gently over skin. Our formula combines exfoliating Sugar and a special moisturizing blend of Sunflower, Safflower, Sweet Almond and Jojoba Oils to leave skin silky smooth.


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  • Breathe deeply for best results.
  • Fragranced with essential oils and other natural fragrances.
  • Not tested on animals.



The product is amazing and true to its name, it is genuine aromatherapy spa at home. I personally like to pamper myself and having my “me time” at home.  I have a serious trust issue with the kind of products they use in spas, I would rather spend on good products and use them myself.  Let’s see how effective this one is.  The sugar granules are a bit coarse as it’s for body and not for the face and the exfoliating and moisturizing properties are great.  In fact, I don’t even need a lotion or body butter after using this even though I have dry skin.  The smell is incredible, I can’t explain in words, as it’s not just flat vanilla or jasmine.  I wish they invent some technology where I can make you sniff through your computer screens 😛 The caution must be followed seriously as it has a lot of oils in the list that can make the bathroom floor extremely slippery.


My Experience with Bath and Body Works Sensual Jasmine Vanilla Sugar Scrub:

This is a very good body scrub and the aroma factor relaxes the senses.  Since it’s in a tub, I prefer to use it with a small plastic spoon as water might get into the tub during shower. I have used a lot of scrubs in the past including my home-made oatmeal, coffee and sugar scrub which has helped me to get rid of my cellulite, but this is by far the best one, its so good that you might not want to come out of the shower. Those who are sensitive to strong smell might not like it. There is a lot of product in the tub and it’s going to last me for a very long time and I have a lot more too 😉


Pros of Bath and Body Works Sensual Jasmine Vanilla Sugar Scrub:

  • Very relaxing aroma.
  • Great exfoliating property.
  • Intense moisturization.
  • Leaves skin soft and supple.
  • Mild on skin.
  • Not tested on animals.


Cons of Bath and Body Works Sensual Jasmine Vanilla Sugar Scrub:

  • Sensitive people may not like the smell.
  • People with very oily skin might not like this.
  • Not available in India.

IMBB Rating:

4/5, reduced 1 for the tub packaging.

Will I Repurchase Bath and Body Works Sensual Jasmine Vanilla Sugar Scrub?

Yes definitely, it is a pampering product and I would buy the other variants next time.

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10 thoughts on “Bath and Body Works Sensual Jasmine Vanilla Sugar Scrub Review

  1. Welcome to IMBB …… Excellent first review *pompom* ….
    I love bath and bodyworks ……havent tried their aromatherapy range yet ….

  2. wow this looks sooo good… *happydance* vanilla and jasmine blend sounds great as well *happydance* great review *pompom* *woot*

  3. jasmine sugar scrub!! awesomeeeeee……wow!!!
    sugar scrubs dnt come in tube packaging cs the sugar clogs the opening and oils will separate n leak out the tube…tub packaging is the best for them…. 🙂

    1. I agree tub is the most apt packaging for oil based sugar scrubs…having a spoon helps or water can get in the tub during shower when you try to take it out multiple times.

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