Bath and Body Works Sleep Black Chamomile Body Cream Review

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How are you guys enjoying the winter? We are doing average with lots of rain in the Seattle area, which it’s famous for 😛 On the other hand, the Eastern coast is getting battered by severe snowstorm. In these depressing weather conditions, what more could you ask than a cup of hot cocoa and comforting body care. Last week, I went to the Town Center Bath and Body Works store to get my hand soap supply and there I spotted some new arrivals. Although, I have a full stash, I was not able to control the impulse and got a few products from the “Sleep” range. Today, I am going to review Bath and Body Works Black Chamomile Aromatherapy Body Cream.

Bath and Body Works Sleep Black Chamomile Body Cream

Product Description:
This ultra-rich, ultra-pampering body cream deeply nourishes skin with protective 24-hour moisture, while an aromatherapy blend of essential oils soothes body, mind and mood. Breathe deeply for best results.

Key Fragrance Notes:  Black Charcoal Extract detoxifies and Chamomile Essential Oil enhances sleep
Enhances Sleep.  Not tested on animals.



How To Use:
Massage into skin, concentrating on rough, dry spots. Enjoy deep moisture while relaxing for sleep.

Price and Quantity:
$15 for 8 oz. / 226 gm.

The Bath and Body Works Black Chamomile Body Cream comes in a plastic tube along with a flip top cap. All the details about the product as well as ingredients list are printed on the body of the tube. This body cream is a fairly good travel-safe product.

My Experience with Bath and Body Works Sleep Black Chamomile Body Cream:

I love the “Aromatherapy” range of products from Bath and Body Works , which includes stress relief, sensual, sleep and energy – the one that I have with me today is a body cream from the “Sleep” range that claims to relax the senses and helps in getting proper sleep after tiring days. I had a few questions though when I was buying this, how can a body cream help in you having a good sleep, I mean I know essential oils can have that effect, but still, I had doubts. Anyway, I got it because I loved the neutral smell which was not biased towards any gender, so me and my hubby both could use.

Body cream packaging

I used this just before going to bed other than using it after shower, which I normally do, because I didn’t want to feel sleepy during the daytime 😛

Cap body cream

The cream is very thick (as you can see in the pics), but strangely, it’s not sticky or oily. All the products from the “Aromatherapy” range of Bath and Body Works do have exceptional absorption capability without any stickiness. The color of the cream is pure white and it does have bamboo charcoal extract for detoxification. Honestly, I have no idea how it works, but the smell is very good and truly relaxing after a tiring day. I have noticed undisturbed sleep pattern during days I use it because I was having issues when I was getting too tired on days when I was traveling. The moisturizing properties are unquestionable and it keeps the skin well hydrated all day long. I love the fact that these are not tested on animals.

Body cream swatch

Pros of Bath and Body Works Sleep Black Chamomile Body Cream:

  • Relaxing smell.
  • Very comforting creamy texture.
  • Non-sticky texture.
  • Fast absorption.
  • Cruelty free.
  • Prolonged moisturization.
  • Helps sleep better.

Cons of Bath and Body Works Sleep Black Chamomile Body Cream:

  • None.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Recommend Bath and Body Works Sleep Black Chamomile Body Cream?
Yes, this is one aromatherapy product that I highly recommend for all and specifically to those who have hard days at work and feel restless while going to sleep.

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